Monday, March 8, 2021

Rain continues, and so do walks

 One might think that serious rain would stop my walks. Not so!

The mask did slide down a bit, but my new raincoat is not only highly visible, but keeps all the rain off of me. It goes all the way down to my ankles, so not many drops can get to me, unless you want to talk shoes....

My Tilley hat is amazing, too. While it has a place where air can get in, rain doesn't seem to.  Those people at Tilley (the "persnickety" Canadians) know what they are doing.

So on to clouds and birds and flowers. I told my sweetheart that the weather should improve soon: people need octopus photos, not just flower photos!

My pal loves water lilies, too. Mostly, I guess since I walk in the morning, they aren't open. I wonder if they need sunlight to do so?
Many of my photos have pink. It's becoming one of my favorite rose colors.
Red isn't bad either.
I was surprised to see a black flower. It was a mystery.
Bird of Paradise...aka bop. ha
The Kolea are starting to show their breeding colors. I think of the coloration as a tuxedo.
Mostly hidden under water. But the purple sometimes bursts out.

Succulents seem quite popular. Not sure if it has always been that way, or if I am just now noticing.

Purple mystery flower
The Golden Retriever barked, once it noticed me.

It had rained earlier, so the drops still clung to the flowers. In this case, Plumeria.
And roses!

The lady who has the most roses also has a penchant for cute clay figures in her garden. Easter, anyone?

She also likes gnomes.

God's rays

This dog carefully carried his own green Frisbee on the walk. Adorable.

The drops seem glossier when the flash does its thing.

This is my "cheater" quilt. You buy the squares and sew them together. I found an octo-quilt years ago et voila!

These orchids were delicate and very pretty, I thought.

I never tire of seeing the flag hoisted. Long may she wave!

Pineapples still chugging along. I do think they are quite cute.

I really should look the flower up. Reminded me of a hat.
Sunrise from our door.

The moon peeked out from under this flower arbor.

A Saffron Finch is hiding in the tree, about mid-way up.
and sitting with a Brazilian cardinal.

World's smallest mango! It was sitting on the ground.

I wouldn't dream of touching this heavily guarded cactus.

Succulent with water drop resting in the middle.

I wasn't expecting the bee to be doing its job on this orchid...

We have had quite serious winds lately. Don't know if that's how this plant got uprooted, but it did catch my eye.

A White Rumped Shama rested in the tree.

Awesome clouds

All in all, quite nice flowers and birds and clouds. The beauty distracts me from the hills I must climb. (Go, Amanda Gorman!) May God bless you all. Thanks for reading.

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