Thursday, December 3, 2020

A visit to Hanauma Bay without getting wet!

 I looked upon the reopening of Hanauma Bay with joy, excitement and was afraid I wouldn't sleep at all. 

Well, turns out that all that excitement was rather misplaced.

Arriving 1.5 hours prior to opening, I was told I couldn't park anywhere near the Park. So I parked in the Scenic Overlook area and walked around there. Didn't get my 10,000 steps, but did at least get some exercise.

So when the appointed 8 a.m. arrived, I was astonished to hear that 30 get in...and the rest of us are expected to "drive around" until 10 minutes had elapsed.

What the ?????

What dim bulb thought that up? Why not let people into the parking area down in the park, hand out numbers and times to show up and make that good? 

Oh no, we were not allowed to park and wait, but told to move along and hope to get in later.

Oh no, girl don't roll that way!

I hied myself off on a very nice drive, which ended up in Waimanalo. I was thinking that if they're going to be that way, I would just swim elsewhere. Sadly, the Waimanalo Beach park had lots of tents for people who don't have "regular" homes. I was sad to be reminded that not everyone is as fortunate as we are. But the cliffs were green and lovely. But I did get a little jolt (a leftover from vertigo?) when I made the turn into and out of the tunnels on that side. OOOOH. No more heights for me! Even in the car.

After consulting with my sweetheart, I got myself headed the right way. And arrived home shortly thereafter. I won't lie and say I wasn't disappointed, but hopefully they will get their act together. I have asked our governmental reps to address the problem.

Anyway, here's what I saw while waiting:

I can only imagine what I would have seen in the water!

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