Monday, November 30, 2020

A very nice week!

 Our Hawaii weather is starting to cool off. No, I'm not talking 30 degrees! But sometimes we do run for our sweaters if it gets to 65. HA. Yes, no brag, just fact.

God's rays...from below!
Pretty Lantana. These come in these colors, and pink and purple and white. Very versatile.
Lotus. I almost got close. In case you don't have these, the pond is usually human made; with koi, which apparently eat the eggs/larvae of mosquitoes. So yay! Beautiful and resourceful.
Pink orchids
Self portrait. I want to document losing 20 pounds. And my friend in Texas tells me he found the 20 pounds. heh heh. The shorts are billowy; I'm not that huge.
Pretty pink flowers

Roses. Always trying to include them in my walks. I know where a lot of them are.
Rainbow in clouds

More pretty roses
Saffron Finch. Wow, actually close enough to get a photo. What you can't really see in this one is the pretty coloration on its face, almost a mango color.
Mushroom. I also saw a few really big ones on our walk yesterday, but of course had not chosen to bring the camera.

As a "woman of a certain age", I always scout out opportunities to reduce my walking weight by getting rid of liquid, so I laughed when I saw this. Had I had someone with me, I might have staged a photo of me sitting. That would scare the neighborhood.

I was surprised to spot an aubergine (or eggplant) plant.

But not surprised to see lovely roses

And daisies

And more roses

Joy is something I'm always striving for

Another mystery flower. I thought retirement would afford me to time to look these up, but my record is spotty.

Almost as spotty as this orchid

Pink rose

Ah, lovely

Santa guarding the house.

2 types of purple
I guess it's a reindeer

Daisies. Quite a flurry of white
I really must look this up

More lotus

Nativity scene

Masked up and wearing octo-t-shirt and Tilley hat!
A bee hard at work

These I'm calling my WOW series: colors so vibrant!

I don't want this bee to get my husband, so this is the only time I'm glad my walks are solitary.

I think these pale purple weeds are the prettiest weeds ever!

But roses are definitely prettier
Hibiscus. I was surprised to find that these flowers have gaps in the bottom of the blossoms, so water can escape.
So many layers!

This is the dog I sometimes get to see...a German Shorthaired Pointer. We had a mixed breed of this as a child. This one found a yucky baseball. The owner said he'll chew it until it releases its covering. 
Santa and reindeer are tired. Sorry about my finger being in the shot!

The water catches in the cup and the flowers are enabled to bloom. Very pokey prongs on the leaves, though.

I laughed. Now, I wouldn't laugh if this were an actual cow, because I don't approve of cow tipping!
I do give thanks

God's rays

Someone made a Heineken beer bottle tree.
Maybe a different type of Hibiscus?

More joy
Purple and then pink Lantana

A very lonely Lab...I smile when they bark ferociously, all the while wagging their tails!
Lotus with fountain
More mushrooms
These birds make me crazy! I hear them first, but they are always so high, I cannot tell what they are!

I enjoy these succulent leaves, with more flowery bits on the edges.
Very nice rose pink

And plumeria, just getting ready to open

Polar bears!


Surprise orchids
And a tree of roses. I would have gotten closer shots, but they were in a yard.

Gradations of color in the clouds
Turkey. No baking, no carving, it's all good!

Water droplets in the succulents

More Lotus

And pretty roses

A different kind of Cereus, I think

Inventive Christmas ornament use
God's rays

This dog was very patient. He waited while I took the photo, following along the fence. Never barked! Good dog!

Potted Orchids

A pinkish Lotus

Someone had a huge squash or melon

I hadn't seen this type of orchid before...
These remind me of Georgia O'Keeffe paintings.

Bunny butt
Bunny nose

Bunny from the side. I wasn't sure if this one was ok to pet and with my allergies, decided not to try.
Nice clouds

Lots of colors 
Drops caught at the end of the succulent. 
You can see the holes in the bottom of this Hibiscus that I mentioned above.
I guess I would have to put myself in the "I tried" category...Loved the dog.

And the Hippo
Ocean! I do hope to dip some toes in someday soon.

Vibrant rainbow

Reindeer and sleigh

The Valley at the top of one of my routes. With a gum tree standing guard.

Lots of drops!
A whale?
Zinnia, I think.

Lots of nice sightings of flowers...orchids and roses major among them. Very enjoyable. Even if I do have to wear a mask! Stay safe!

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