Monday, December 7, 2020

Still walking

 I am researching where else I can safely swim, so I still haven't gotten wet in the ocean. Bummers! I had hoped to have octopus photos for you by now. Life is too short, however, to spend dangerous time on line...there are other beaches!!

But I have walked. Here are the shots:

Would you have thought to put a Christmas tree on a piece of wood outside? I am telling you, people are creative.
A morning treat; plus palm trees for my sweetheart!

I saw the pink clouds first. I thought it was quite interesting, how both clouds had that bit underneath, reaching down.
Call me crazy, but pink is IN!!

This cute little dog was totally ok with the German Shorthaired Pointer getting the ball. The GSP was faster, too.

God's rays

GSP waiting for the next throw.
And being victorious!

You'll see JOY a lot. I find joy on my walks.

There was just one Cheeto flower in this patch.
Did he get the ball?!

Light coming from behind.

Moon and clouds

A lady on my walk is creative with her mail box. Note that Santa's hair is blowing back!
Totally ninja pointer!!! He crept toward the birds. Just doing his job!

This dog is smiling because he doesn't need to do the work.
These might be my fave roses. 

Although pink is also quite lovely.

Even Poinsettia have a pink version.

The one below had lots of water drops all over it.

Light from behind again. Totally makes the shot!

Ninja dog still awaiting the hunter.

The mailbox again. 

I didn't know Santa uses a plane.

Succulents often have long parts, way above the leaves. Makes it tough for me to catch in one shot.
I agree. Thank yous are definitely required. Give them freely!
Nice variegated rose.

My mask and safety vest. I still am very careful when I cross streets. People just don't pay enough attention these days.

Someone's outdoor Christmas tree.

Light makes the shot.

More mystery flowers

A new Hibiscus
A Lotus I could actually get close to!

Who knew Unicorns were part of Christmas?!
The cat walked around the rim of the pond with the lotus. How do cats know I'm allergic?

Puffballs still intrigue me.

I can have pets all over town!

Just makes you want to pet it, doesn't it?
This cat totally stayed still so I could put it in the camera. Surprising.

Moon and clouds
These are Coleus plants. Aren't you proud that I know that?
More pretty clouds
The fastest jet I've heard in a while.  Was it in town for Pearl Harbor day?

Heart shaped leaves

Roses in someone's garden
More JOY

Somebody was very hungry. Probably the Red Vented Bulbul. We have a lot of those.

Very nice walk. Some tourists stopped their convertible Mustang to take pix of the Arizona Memorial. Still cannot visit in person. Lord, please solve Covid for us!

And thanks for reading.

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