Sunday, November 22, 2020

Awaiting inspiration

When I walk and take photos, I usually think up a title for my post: Not this week.

I did see many pretty flowers, some birds and some dogs...and the 3 scary dogs I have no picture of, as I was trying to get out of their area!! Two adult German Shepherds and one really obnoxious pitbull. I walked away quickly (they were behind fences), thinking: no wonder insurance companies don't insure pitbulls! It is a training issue (both the dog and human owner need to be trained.) That said, on to the good parts of this week's walks.

The admiration I have for these orange roses continues.

Mystery flowers:

Roses and orchids:

Pineapples, too

Someone had a sense of humor, featuring Santa with aloha shirt and grass skirt.
I am not sure if this Golden had eye problems. S/he sat there, looking through the fence, appearing just as relaxed as can be. Then as I passed by, exploded in a fury of barking! Yeah, a Golden Retriever!!! They are normally so relaxed...
Somebody made a cute door to put on their tree trunk. Some people are artistic geniuses.

The roses in this yard have been missing for a while, so it was great to see them back again. No scent, though.

One chopper turned out to be two.

Koi in a pond in the front yard.

Someone lost just one slipper! A poor kid is wandering around not fully prepared.

Water drops

Here is the White Rumped Shama, awaiting its next prey.

Little tiny flowers in the wet area of a bromeliad.
Sometimes the size of the tree helps determine the size of the clouds.
Crown of Thorns plant

Obsessed with pink
Lotus for my pal, Julie!

That dog again barked.


Another yapper. Seems like small dogs need to prove something. Perhaps just bored...

The bunny was out. He twinkled his nose at me. So adorable.
This was one determined plant! Totally surrounded by stone.

A different kind of hibiscus
God's rays with light poles.

And a very nice poodle mix. The lady said he would jump on me. I acknowledged my allergies and kept away. I have heard they are hypoallergenic, so it occurred to me to test that, but I desisted.

Red rose with flag.
Poor Spongebob apparently needed a nap.

A closeup of the flower at the top of the succulents.

A toy left out in the rain.

Every now and again, I take a road sign photo, so I can remember where I walked later.
An unusual church display, with 3 crosses.

God's rays. with more phone poles. Ah well.

Looking forward to another walk today. More dogs to talk to, more flowers to appreciate!

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