Monday, October 12, 2020


We are having a few wet days. But I'm glad to report that this is the remnants of a hurricane that didn't hit us, so it's all good! You can barely see the radar station through the fog of the rain.

Alex loves his funny shirts. 
We took a relaxing walk last week, so not as many pictures. But I did see the little Kolea. They are back from their migration.
This is the radar, without the rainy fog.

And 2 Saffron Finches

I thought at first this was a Kolea, but turns out it's probably a Lesser Yellow legs.

I had seen these tiles on the ground before the wall started being built. I almost picked one up, as they are cool. Glad I didn't: they are adding broken tiles to the wall. That might have been stealing...

Nice sunrise.

These are my favorite succulents. They have a cute inside bit.
There's just something nice about curvy white flowers.

Moon and plane.
Moon and palm. My camera, Olympus TG-4, is a good one, but it's not designed to catch celestial bodies. So I try to focus on things nearer and get the moon as a side note.

My pal really likes these flowers. She probably prefers them when the Lotus is open, though.

Tiny lizard. These critters are really fast, so I was lucky to catch one taking a little break.
I usually see purple flowers like this. But for some reason, my pictures turn out better in the pink version.
The Cheeto flower. I wish I could still eat Cheetos! But they do leave behind evidence, so it's hard to pretend you haven't been eating them. Oh and of course: they are really bad for ya!
A Kolea on a cloud. I'm not sure why they like being on a roof. Not many bugs up there.
Sometimes it's hard not to pick 'em. Lemons are $1 each here.
Nice rose

Mexican Poppy

I found out these are called Crown of Thorns plants. Easy for me to remember. If sadly.
Roses continue to be my fave. Especially with water drops.

Scarlet. These are my close second flower.

Orange is my fave color for roses. I counted a rose the other day and it had 30 layers!
Teensy tomatoes.

Da weed.

More lantana
And Crown of Thorns

I was curious if there was some other flower part on this cactus that came out of the middle of this red part.
Crown flower

So delicate

A new Mystery
Orchids. That's all I know.

This one has an unusual pollen distribution method.

It was cute to see 2 Saffron Finches near the Bird House mailbox.
Self Portrait. I wear a Tilley hat.

Star Fruit
Still a mystery.

That day's pineapple.
Ok, here come the layers of the roses!

And Triune bougainvillea

Helicopter weed

Taking the He'e for a walk

I think of this as a fertile sunrise: that long stem has lots of seeds. But I think they are probably expended by now...
Light on Hibiscus
Lizard. And those fake daisies

Makes me realize the immensity of the clouds. They dwarf the palm tree.

My fascination with these Saffron Finches continues. I was lucky to catch 2 on the ground, before they flew away..

Day blooming Cereus, I think. Rather like the scarlet ones.

Sadly empty bird's nest. Perhaps they all fledged and flew away. I try to be optimistic!

I enjoyed my almost 2 mile walk today, even if it rained on me for a bit. I had my 30 year old raincoat that I bought in Paris! No brag, just fact. Stay safe!

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