Saturday, October 24, 2020

Clouds so byootifull

 There were so many lovely clouds on my walk today!

Some of them so beautiful...they looked as if they had been washed to be more white.

When I see military choppers, I always pray for their safety.
Quiet Pomeranians! Will wonders never cease? Not to diss the small dog population, but it seems in my experience the little ones are often yappy.
Plumeria. I often smell them before seeing them: many of them are on trees way over my head.

Very pretty clouds

Lotus for my pal Julie.

Shiba Inu. These dogs are so cool: they never bark and look so fuzzy....I can't pet them due to my allergies, but wish I could. He stood calmly waiting for me to pet him. Sorry, dog!
I had rather a white theme that day...

And I found an Okra plant!!! And then the next day another one. I'm not a fan of Okra, so it's possible I've been walking by them all along.

The driver was backing out of his driveway. It pays to be really present around cars...(Here's your palm tree, babe!)

One of the rare photos what actually showed the flower! Often, when taking the photo from below and against the sky, the flower fades..Note the water drops.

I often have to walk into the street because of sidewalk hogs....there IS a garage!
Snake plant...I have heard they have calming properties.

More from the white theme.

Once you start looking at a particular color, it is amazing how many of that color you can find.

I am truly thankful for the park restrooms....even if they do use those tiny tissue sheets! But it was within the white theme...
The finished wall. I told the man he did a great job. 

Kolea up where I can't really get to him.
Many cool rainbows in or near clouds:

Stopped by the rose garden this morning.  Well rewarded.

God's rays

The delicate color is incroyable!
Kolea on a hill, with friend flying in.

The only thing that could make this cloud combination better would be to not have the tech wires and towers and poles.

Weed with bug. Maybe a carpenter bee.

Sometimes no words are necessary.

These lovely flowers make me think about God speaking them into existence. Be safe. Wear your mask, please!

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