Sunday, October 4, 2020

A quiet Sunday

 Nice walk today, but on the way down, knee started acting up, so I had to zigzag walk....Colin Fletcher (the Complete Walker) wasn't wrong about going down harder than going up!

Morning sky

You have to wait for them to appear, but they are worth it! The bees thought so too: there were at least 3 bees on each big flower.
Moon over Waianae

Succulents. I'm thinking about purchasing some more....

Angels near the pretty roses.

Nice surprise to see the pink flowers on this cactus.

God's rays

Moon over Kolea!

When they are so pretty, it's hard to choose just one to show you. So I am showing you more!

Mexican Poppy

I still can't find this one in my plant app.

Self portrait on the bridge.
Star fruit

Lovely rose
Flower in the Bromeliad cup

I do enjoy all the lovelies.

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