Monday, July 6, 2020

About to move

We are on the brink of our move. Boxes litter our place. We are excited to be in the new place, but not looking forward to the process of getting there.

But I have been able to continue my walks; I told my sweetheart that it's a good thing that Hanauma Bay isn't open again yet. I might be tempted to ignore the move in favor of octo-viewings. 

 A pair of Saffron Finches, eating seeds for breakfast.

I am seeing quite a few berries.
 And seeds

Dramatic clouds and trees
 The strands inside these flowers are still mysterious. Note the big "pole" in the middle. I wonder if it guides pollinators in?
 God's rays and clouds

 These pretty white flowers don't last long, but I really enjoy them while they are here.

The Saffron Finches often rest on top of the fences. They  must know I won't harm them up there. They don't know I wouldn't harm them anywhere.
Bird of Paradise
 And breadfruit. It took me awhile to remember what they were.

Cactus roses

These are Gardenia, I think. I love the curves and creamy white.

 Crown Flower
 Puffballs before they are pink.

 The new mystery plant
 And this one too.

Maybe a ginger?

 Pink clouds

 How does one make a cloud with holes?

It did rain on me, but gently. Not fiercely as I had feared from these dark clouds.

 These scarlet flowers also die pretty quickly. But how beautiful they are before they do.

This poor Saffron Finch eventually gave up talking to the mirror.
 I will never take this for granted. So beautiful.

I think of these as scarlet brooms.

And the buds are ready to burst out.
 An octopus carving that I gave someone else.

God's rays
 It is seen as a weed. Too pretty to be that!
 A lizard for my sweetheart. I was surprised that it stayed for a while and let me take its photo.

 Saffron trying to talk to its new pal. I was surprised it didn't hurt its beak while trying to communicate, as it tapped the mirror for quite a while. I got video: see youtube and search for octopigirl7.

 This flower surprised me, all alone in a bush.

 A determined little bird.

I will watch for the opening of this one.

 Land snails so much less pretty than the marine ones!
 The Mexican poppy burst into bloom again.

As did the pretty orchids.

Puffball pink
 A barely there rainbow
 Separated by the mailbox column
 Shower tree. Another of those trees whose flowers are high up.

 Many folks on my walk have succulents in their gardens. 

Flowers in unexpected places.


 I was able to catch the early morning dew on this flower.

Because of the upcoming move, it may take longer before the next post! 
Emmanuel! (God with us.)

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