Monday, April 27, 2020

No Pique-Nique

To say that I'm seeing things through a different lens these days would be very much an understatement. We aren't allowed to have picnics in the park. We are allowed, since this past Saturday, to again exercise in them. I am thankful. The picnic table looks forlorn. I think the wet paint signs were a brainstorm. That would help keep people off of them.

Blue above the clouds. How do we make a hole in the clouds? How do we give them shape? Well, WE don't, in the first place, but it attracts my attention that clouds can have so many shapes and holes and wisps. Not to mention different varieties.
 Remember the movie Contact? This dish reminded me of that. But I took the picture because of the little bird. It sits at the very end of the grass, bending it way over. But somehow not falling off.  These are a type of mannikin, not sure what kind, as I couldn't see it very well. But they gather in groups and eat seeds, I think.

A very nice he'e decal that I wouldn't mind having for my car. Although I do have several octo-decals already.
 I AM and operculators.

Morning clouds and trees
 And 2 operculators that I found on the beach yesterday. And I could pick them up and take them home! Huzzah! I was also able to visit 2 friends for a food delivery. It felt so odd to be standing 6 feet apart in their living room, all of us wearing masks. Like a robbery gone wrong. And who knew that toilet paper and yeast and flour would be so valuable, because they are now rare.

Trees. These were waiting for sun, so their colors could really be seen. 

I didn't push it on my walk this morning. It was raining off and on, and I was sort of lazy after my swim yesterday. Thanks, God, for the octopus I saw! You are the best!

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