Sunday, April 26, 2020

Back in the water!

Very happy to report I was able to get back in the water today, albeit briefly. And in Waikiki, not Hanauma, as it is still closed. But I was able to spot an octopus, so that's all good.

 Box feesh! Cute little female. It was nice to reacquaint myself with some of the regulars.
 And a Chromis. Bigger than I'm used to seeing.
 Clumpy nudibranch
 This Cornet Fish came up underneath me in a surprise move. A big one, too.
 Eel. Two of 2.
 How often does one get to see such empty water!! Certainly not complaining.
 I doubt whether the owner wanted these back, but I did turn them in to the lifeguard anyway. We both laughed underneath our masks.
 And here is the star of the show: the hiding octopus!

 Nice to know that they still peek at ya.

 This Picasso Humu was about to zoom into a hole to hide.
 Moorish Idol

Pencils and the 1st eel

Rock Mover Wrasse. I almost wished it was harassing an octopus.

Very much appreciated swim. About an hour. 

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