Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Barracuda love shiny

I was a little surprised to spot a barracuda today.
And I was reminded why I wear gloves while swimming: I have a shiny silver cross ring that I wear. And Barracuda supposedly love shiny!

So the gloves hide the shiny while I'm swimming. I have never had a barracuda take it upon itself to bite or even look twice at me, but I also do not want to encourage that behavior.

They are always lurking in the "foggy" water, so they are hard to spot. I'll bet the fish they chase have a hard time seeing them, too.

There was a small octopus today. Very happy about that. Here's what it looks like:
 You can see its eye, siphon and even a bit of the lovely aqua color I have noted before at the base of the siphon.

 And it peeked at me.
 And changed color, adding bumps along the way.

 I do wonder what went through the Maker's mind when He created their eyes. Well, really the whole animal is a question mark!

Why did God make 'em able to be bumpy? (Here it was hiding under an outcrop of rock, so eye on one side and body on the other.)

And change colors so rapidly? 
Mind you, I'm not complaining! Love the little critters. I also noted where this one was in relation to the rocks and coral, so hopefully, I'll be able to find it again next time. Possibly. No video today; it stayed in its den, regardless of my twinkling gloved fingers.

Barred Filefish 
 Blue Lined Snapper. I never noticed until today how the blue lines intersect on its back.

Christmas Wrasse male
 Nice big Parrot.

And the white shell.  I thought it might be a basket shell, but am not sure. Also, I am pretty certain that it's the same one I saw previously...and it had a crab inside.

I think they are Ladyfish. I am terrible, though, at most of the silver fishes (the exception being the Giant Trevally), so don't quote me.

 Snowflake Moray eel, taking in the scene.

Bluefin Trevally. One was circling around a rock, but I couldn't spot what it was harassing.
But I could spot the lovely morning sky:
 Sliver of a moon and palm tree

The moon and Venus to the left
 Starting the pinkness

Pinkness and rain out at sea

 I normally don't swim to the left, but this is what it looked like this morning. 
The waves outside the reef were charging, so I didn't venture out. I do wonder, though, if the little octopus I spotted in the channel a while ago is still there?

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