Saturday, February 1, 2020

#3 might be done for

I have heard about the octopus' end of life: if they lay eggs, after the eggs hatch, the octopus dies. Yeah, sad right?

So it occurred to me today that perhaps #3 octopus is on its last legs:
They are sometimes white, as is the case either when they are really frightened or when it's in the den near the end. Apparently they attach their eggs to the inside of the den and blow water over them until they hatch. In these photos, if you look really closely, you'll see a very small Brighteye Chromis. It almost appears to be guarding the ocdtopus.
 When I got these pix home, I noticed the white eye in the following photo...not a usual color.
Being a big fan of octopuses, I do hope this one has more time left. But I've heard that they last between one and two years only. Doesn't seem fair, does it?
It's also strange that this octopus doesn't seem to react to my approach. Normally, they will slide further down into their dens or turn dark color. This one doesn't.
 Here's another octopus I discovered today...a young one!

It looks relaxed but you can bet it's watching me.

And when I swam away and then returned, it was peeking out of its lair to make sure I was gone. 

Look at the little suckers. That's one way to determine that it's a young-ish octopus.
 Both eyes were on me. You can hear it thinking: Go away! No one invited you here...
This is #2. The circling Trevally alerted me. The octopus is hiding in the rock above the tail of the Trevally.

And peeking at me.

Always this peeking!
 And it slid down to hide further. Note the eye is brown, not white.

I like seeing them, as they are very interactive; you definitely know they are watching you. I did twinkle my gloved fingers at them. 

The water quality was not fabulous, so I stayed inside the reef. 
 There were actually 3 of these little Brighteye Chromis, but the other one wasn't with the group. (There's always one, isn't there?)

 I still haven't figured out why some of the Brighteyes have this coloration.

The Christmas Wrasse, so prevalent on Kauai, isn't here at Hanauma Bay.

This Humu is about to dive into a hole to hide.....going.... 

gone! They can swim backwards to leave the hole, too.
 An operculum that I couldn't pick up.

And another one.

Ornate Butterfly. Without a partner, apparently. 
 This parrot fish really needs a toothbrush.
 Humuhumunukunukuapua'a. See why I use just Humu most of the time?
 Pretty pink clouds
 Porcupine Puffer. I didn't irritate it, so it didn't inflate.

Saddle Butterfly

I gotta look this fish up!
 Snowflake moray eel. I really don't see as many eels over here as I did on Kauai.

 This spotted puffer was hiding/resting under a rock outcrop.

 Sun as I got out and neat clouds.
 From the earlier sunrise

 Two 4-spot butterfly fish (the other 2 spots are on the other side.)
 There's Venus, under the cloud.

It was a nice swim today. Not many people walking on the reef, which is always helpful. And octo-sightings always are welcome. 

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