Wednesday, February 5, 2020

A sole Octopus

I am happy whenever I see an octopus. Even if it's just the one.

Here it is, hiding in its den. 
And here it is, peeking at me. I swam away and came back to find it looking out to see if I was gone.
You can just see its eye in the corner of the rock. Note the cool rainbows that were playing on the rocks nearby.

Below, my favorite butterfly fish: the Lined. They are bigger than the regular butterfly fish. I've heard their size compared to a dinner plate. They are big. Note that you can't see the eye easily. It's disguised on the black line near their nose.
 Two white spotted toby chasing each other around a rock. 
 Four spot butterfly
 9 Yellow Tangs...outside the barrier reef. More groups outside than inside.

Abudefduf. Just cruising around.

Barred Filefish. Also in the deeper side. 

 And the Big Eye Emperor 
 Male Bird Wrasse. And some goat fish apparently taking a rest on the bottom.
 Above and below: the Black Durgon. I love that blue line on the top and bottom.
 Convict Tangs in a little parade.

And the Cornet looking for breakfast.
 Female Bird Wrasse

Golden Eye Kole. It's a tang.
 More Lined Butterfly

 And the Male Bird Wrasse closoer and bigger.

 This orange-spined unicorn was resting under a rock.
 Not a great photo, but the fish are way cool: The Oval Butterfly
 Palani. Over another group of resting goats. The goats had a tough night.

Such a pretty fish.

 Peacock Grouper. You can see its blue side fins and tail.

Arguably the prettiest Trigger fish: the Picasso

 Although, there is the Pinktail too....
 A group of Raccoon Butterfly fish in the deeper water. A Pinktail is accompanying them from a distance. I was surprised the deeper water wasn't very clear today.
 The Sergeant Major. These are the adults of the fish that make me smile when they are small and tiny.
 Don't know. Why don't I get up off my lazy.....and look it up?
 You'll see this Snowflake Moray later, being accompanied by a bluefin Trevally.
 Just looking at the different way stripes can be displayed. Up and down or front to back.
 Here's the Bluefin accompanying the Snowflake. Look for the snowflake just under the fish's nose..

Hard to tell, but this is a Spotted Trunk or Box fish. Love them.
 Everybody was trying to peek into the octo-den. 

OK, now to the pretty morning clouds, colors and sunrise:
 Just before the sun came over the rocks. Love God's rays!
 This was an interesting cloud arrangement, I thought. The big ones above and little below.
 Kind of immense, right?
 More rays

 Palm tree for my sweetie

Pink and the sun just peeking over
 More mellow pink
 I caught a few raindrops when it rained briefly. 

 Orange and pink

Well worth the wait! 

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