Saturday, January 18, 2020


Conditions were better today and it was easier to find animals..including 2 octopuses!

 This octopus played hide and seek with me. It was more out of the den, but immediately upon seeing me, it sank back down. Gee, shy much? Of course, that's how they stay alive and uneaten, so I'm all for whatever it takes. Just because humans aren't supposed to fish here doesn't mean one of the eels won't!

 I am not positive there were 3 octopuses, so I'm only counting 2. One hid in a den that was remarkably similar to another den. They were also close; I'm thinking there's a chance that the first octopus moved to the other den....but cannot prove it. And below, you can just barely see the eye.
Eel hiding in a hole in the rocks. They were both big eels.
 This one kept watching me, so I didn't stick around too long.
I don't often see a parade of raccoons...

I recently saw the Disney movie of Aladdin, the one with Will Smith. It reminded me Abu-def duf.
 Blue lined snapper
 And a plaid cornet fish

Cowry. Still there. Can't pick 'em up!

Hikers on the mountain around the Bay.
 A small humu. They seem to keep muted colors while small.
 Gold eye Kole. Nice seersucker skin and golden eyes.

 A mess of convict tangs

An operculum that I didn't pick up. sniff sniff

 Ornate butterfly
 Palani. These are such pretty fish with the yellow and blue. When they raise their dorsal fin, the fin has nice blue and yellow lines.

 Picasso Trigger from above.

And with sunlight on its skin

 Red tailed snapper

 Sailfin tang

 Sergeant Major

 And a couple of shell halves that are still there.
 White shoulder surgeon
 Threadfin Butterfly
 Bluefin Trevally fishing with a Goatfish
 And another looking on its own for food
 Sergeant Major and Unicorn fish. This helps put in perspective the smaller size of the Sgt Major
 Wana and a toby. 
Very nice treat today to see clearer water. I plan to go beyond the reef someday soon. I've been hearing reports of Manta Rays out there.

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