Saturday, January 4, 2020

Larry would go!

In Hawaii, we have a saying: Eddie would go! Eddie was a surfer and the first Hawaiian lifeguard at Waimea Bay, home of BIG waves. BIG is a whole deal and you won't ever catch me even thinking of surfing, let alone the big waves.

There is a surfing contest that they try to have each year. I say try because the waves have to be really big and really consistent for them to hold the contest.  And it hasn't been held this year; well, not in 2019.

So the expression "Eddie would go!" is one that means some amazing waves are going on and Eddie would go to surf it. Also that someone is doing something daring. So today, since there was rain, wind and not excellent conditions, when I noted my pal, Larry, heading out into the water, I said "Larry would go!" I also took that as permission for me to go too. And I'm glad I did. (Eddie passed away, reportedly; glad Larry didn't!)

It did rain off and on while I was in the water, but c'mon. You're wet anyway, right?

So I did go in and found 2 octopuses. 
 Neither photo is fabulous, but I was happy simply to be able to see any, considering the water, time of day and light.
I've been spotting the octopuses on Oahu recently because of the rocks they put outside their dens. In other places, they blow the remains of their meals, mostly shells, out of the dens. Then the shells accumulate near the den mouths.

I was able to find the pair of Lined Butterfly fish again, too.

I am hoping for some clearer water in the next few months!

Abudefduf from above
 Needlefish. Once you see the dark eye, you can find the rest.
 Trevally butt and then the whole fish. This one was circling near an eel.
And now for the early morning before I got in shots:
 Isn't that a crazy cool sky?
 I think of Creation when I see these photos.

This one seems kinda spooky. It was taken while it was still quite dark, from up above.
 Clouds after the sun was a bit more up.

And what I don't have a photo of, darn it!, is the oh-so-vibrant rainbow on the way home. Those colors were extravagant. Lovely. Magnifique!

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