Sunday, January 12, 2020

Disappointed is better than endangered

I have had vertigo for a little over a week, so that's why there's been no snorkeling and thus, no report!

However, fully ok, I thought to visit Hanauma Bay to see if I could get into the water: NOPE!

The waves were going off. There was serious wind. And the sun never showed itself from behind the clouds.

I thought long and hard about it. But I am aware that in the past, I have been stubborn and stiff-necked. So I decided that I would be neither of those today, and err on the side of caution. One true thing that decided me was that I saw NONE of the regular swimmers in the water. So I figured they knew something I didn't. So I snapped a few shots and then walked back up the hill and into my car, which I directed to church. 

 The shot above was taken from the rain-free park bench just outside the women's bathroom. What is normally blue water was laced with waves that crashed.
 All that white would have made it bad visibility. And since octopuses are good hiders, I figured not to waste my time! Pretty, though, right?

The wave pictured above blew up above the surrounding rocks. OH YEAH, not going anywhere near that.
 Lack of light was a problem that was never really solved. The sun must have come up, but you couldn't prove it very well, as it stayed behind the cloud cover.
 Palm tress and the series of waves.

On the walk back up. I normally go in about the middle of the curve, fully loaded today with wave action.
 This area is called Witches Brew. For obvious reasons! It was really going off today. The lifeguards warned people not to go outside the barrier reef, so they definitely would not have allowed anyone near this area.

A bit more from the lifeguard shack area. Sorry to have missed my octopuses after being off over a week, but definitely thinking I made the right choice to stay out. And I was early to church, too, so all good! I am told that this wind and wave mixture should be blown out by Wednesday. Here's hoping.

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