Saturday, July 28, 2018

surprisingly nice water and 2 he'e in each pond

Another nice day in the water. The seal was already on the beach, 
having a nice nap. It had already been roped off, so no one was pestering it.
and apparently, it had an itchy nose. But then went right back to sleep. 
Which was good because it didn't have any time to eat my octopuses!
 All the octopuses hid, of course. I saw some of the body and color changes.

In this one, you can see its eye and the siphon (white tube)
 And then it blew water through its siphon so I'd go away. So I did. Hey, I do try to be accommodating.

This little one is the same one I saw yesterday. I'm thankful to have "regulars" again.
 And I showed this one to a man and his son. I think they enjoyed the viewing. I don't normally show others because one never knows who might be an octo-hunter. But also, some folks feel the need to try to touch the octopus. I try never to do that.  It's like sitting at home in your living room and having a huge hand come down to grab you!

And octopus #3 was a peeker...I swam away and looked back to see if it would pop up to see if I was truly gone. ha. Curiosity can be dangerous.

I'm not sure I should show this, but the outside of the octo-den often looks like this:
 They move rocks around. And note the shell near the head of the one below. I don't know if it had eaten this shell, but I do know I wasn't going to bop down and try to find out. I didn't want to upset the little octopus. Who knows? S/he could decide to move....then were would my sightings be?

Of course, there were other cool animals:
 A nice pair of Teardrop Butterfly fish.
 A snakeshead cowry, hiding in a gap in the rock.
 This humu made me laugh! It darted about, obviously not liking my immense size and tried to dart into a whole that wasn't big enough for it. That didn't work out...
 The yellow tail flip of the Yellow Tail Coris.
 And one of my person faves: the Brighteye Chromis.

Christmas wrasse and a snowflake eel. How appropriate!
 This urchin picked up many things to hold on itself, including a big piece of glass.  I can't think of anything more protective! Well, except maybe metal...

A group of goat fish.

I saw the horn shell below first, then a moment later, saw the one hiding, to the left.

 This Lizard Fish obliged me by lying on a rock, so it was easier to photograph. When they dig into the sand, they really disappear.
 Pencil urchin, hiding again.

 If you look closely, you'll see two things: one, the hole through which the original shell was probably killed, maybe by an octopus and two, the hermit crab's green legs that showed who was moving the shell around.
 Urchin. They have lots of barbs. Don't walk on the bottom. This shows the anal sac, too.
I see these all the time; they move around in the current. Occasionally, in the corner of my eye, I think they might be octopus, since I see the dark color. 

All told, a great swim! And my pal was lounging on the beach too, so two people got some fun out of this trip to Poipu.

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