Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Photos from last weekend

We had friends in town last weekend, so it wasn't possible to post anything. I still swam, but only on the Saturday, not Sunday too. Who knows what I missed?
But here are the photos from the swim I did have. Nice as always to get in the water..
 This was He'e #1...hiding pretty well, between the rocks. It hardly moved at all. Sometimes when you look from above, they don't immediately see you. That is, they don't move to hide or change colors dramatically.
 He'e #3 was blowing out water....Hiding well in a little den. This is good, because this is near the beach where some people, not knowing what might be under foot, will walk on the bottom. 
 They curl around themselves when hiding in the den...the white is the siphon through which they breathe.
 A honu swam by me. A pretty big one!
 Saw two Leaf Fishes this time....they were on opposite sides of a small trench, so they can hide. They are ambush predators: they sit very still and await prey.
 Palms and clouds. I love this. Every time, it looks different.
 Pencil Urchin, hiding between two rocks. I guess they mostly move during the night time. It's amazing what I don't know!
I do know God was wide awake when he created all the animals in the sea. The diversity amazes me.

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