Monday, April 30, 2018

A nice swim

A nice swim...always a good one, if there's at least one octopus! So there was one:
 A Rock Mover Wrasse helped me find the one and only octopus today. The two circles are around its eyes. 
Lizard Fish. Alex loves these guys..he says he keeps his lizard collection all over the world...
 Two Monk Seal lumps asleep on the beach. I caught this photo as I crossed over from the deep part to the Kiddie Pond.
 Christmas Wrasse.
 Cowry shell hiding.
 Scorpion Fish. You can see the mouth and eye if you look carefully. The inside of its mouth is orange and white and blue. Really amazing, since the outside is so NOT colorful.
 You can see a bit of the orange and blue.
 Parrot fish getting cleaned by two cleaner wrasses.
 Humu showing off its colors.
 This little seal had just wriggled up onto the beach. This, too, was shot from the water.
 Mug shot of Moorish Idol.
 Needle Fish near the surface. 
 Pencil Urchins. I love how the sun hits 'em.

 I thought the little fish looking on was cute..
 Plaid cornet fish.
 more of the scorpion fish.
A great day of swimming.  Looking forward to more octopuses tomorrow. 

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