Sunday, March 4, 2018

A day when I saw only artsy octopuses

Well, folks, today the bad visibility got me: no octo-sightings!
There were seals, turtles and shells, though. And then later, pretty plants. It's all good. (And yes, I am always a tiny bit disappointed when I don't see live octopuses. But I'm thankful that I got to swim, anyway.

When I arrived, two seals were frolicking in the water. So I sat at a picnic table and waited.
 They eventually came up to the beach. Turned out those lost 20 minutes didn't really matter: the bad visibility was still in force in the water.

 And three turtles were snoozing on the beach. They constantly get upstaged by the seals.
Both are interesting animals, but the seals win with me, too....turtles don't snort. At least as far as my experience takes me!

This guy and his lady got too close. 

One seal snoozed on the island.

The seal below looked at me as if to make sure I wasn't encroaching. And I wasn't: my camera has a wonderful closeup feature that makes it appear I'm closer than I am. He relaxed and went back to snoozing.
 Whiskers! I think this seal may have molted recently....its skin is very smooth.
OK, now into the water. This is the tube that the crab was waiting in.
And this is the crab. Actually the picture below came first. Once the crab saw me, it receded as above.

A very pretty shell, which is still in the water. When they look pristine, I assume they are still inhabited.

This Spotfin Scorpion Fish was right out in the open! On the ocean floor. In the kiddie pond. Hope no one steps on it. I am more accustomed to seeing them hiding within a rock area or in a hole in a rock. Ambush predators. I think the eyes look like half of a black olive. ha.

OOPS. Same crab as above. Alex and I were deciding if it was a crab or a shrimp. I'm thinking crab because of the big pincers. And long antenna.

 Money Cowry. Also left behind to live along on its own.

Palm trees and clouds for Alex.
 This Snowflake Moray was surprised to see me. I was pretty surprised myself. That's the prob with bad visibility: something can come right up on you and you get surprised. I was actually surprised a couple of times by a herd of goatfish appearing out of nowhere..
We walked up on the cliffs near The Point in Poipu. Found some really pretty flowers and waves and even two spouting whales off the coast! We thought one was a baby, as it spouted more often and in smaller spouts..
If you look closely at the flower above, note all the pollen. This flower was just waiting for a bee...

 Can we say Lovely? Delicate? Also laden with pollen?
 The rose above is actually near our house. Quite pretty.  Just waiting to unfurl.

 This pretty white flower above has long scarlet shoots, with little beads or seeds at the end. Again, pollen waiting to go somewhere.
 I don't know if the ones above are small Morning Glories, but they remind me of the bigger flowers near our house.

A lizard for Alex. I told it to stay still for my camera. Which of course, it didn't. I still "caught" it though.
 It's a toss-up between the one above and the one below as to which is prettier. I guess I'll just go with they both are. 
And also a crazy pollen purveyor below:
 Powder Puffs. I am wondering if the "raspberries" near it will one day blossom into more puffs..For someone who works at a garden, it's kind of amazing how much I don't know!
 God was making the waves dash onto the rocks.
My friend showed me an arch, where the waves and water come in. Look closely just below the green plant.
OK, so since no octopuses deigned to show themselves today (Alex said their camouflage was great), I took pix of some of the octo-things around our house.

The sign above was a present from my sweetheart.

 And how many octopuses do you count in the photo above? (Correct answer is 7: the tricky one is the orange stuffed octopus beyond the big Holy Bible on my dresser.)
Two silver octopuses: one is a wine cork and the other is a butter knife. People are so amazing in their creativity!
So let's hope for more "real" octopuses next weekend. Here's hoping!

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