Sunday, September 3, 2017

Ze devil fish

Ze devil fish! This one only did the bright orange and yellow for a second and yours truly wasn't ready for it.
 Breadfruit! near our house

Well, you know what these are.
You know what these are too, but Monk Seals just sounds so fun to say.  And they were snoozing. An activity not at all unusual....people often assume they are dead because they are so still and you usually can't see them breathing. Just nappin', folks!

Needlefish. They swim near the surface just to make my life difficult.
 Some kind of blenny...and below a rainbow blenny.  Not the real name, but I caught the photo while the light of a rainbow was on it.

 Crab inside a shell. I knew it would be there, so I picked it up. One often finds them inside of shells that look tired...which this one definitely did. Electric Blue Crab.
Three Cowry shells.  the 3rd was hiding to the left of the others.
Eel for my sis-in-law..

 Christmas Wrasse. For me! I love 'em with the sun on those colors.
 Eel, saddle wrasse and a mystery above and to the right...couldn't tell what the yellow-ish blob was and didn't notice it until i got the pix home...

Lizard fish sunning itself.
 Another Snowflake Moray eel. These eels are all over the bottom and that's just another in the long list of why not to walk on the bottom. (Scorpion fish being the main reason. That and broken glass. Oh yeah, and potentially walking on an octopus den! But I digress..)

 Box fish running away.
 Hebrew Cone.
 Leetle tiny Cornet Fish. About the size of a small straw. Lurking near shore.

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