Saturday, September 2, 2017

Following too close and go to your room!

Giant Porcupine Fish.  It swam away.  I have these mad skills with animals. But seriously, these guys have a major bite, so I'm glad it didn't accost me.
 Lizard fish #1. Just sitting.

Male box fish. We really like these fish.
 Snowflake moray eel for Siouxie Sue!

Christmas wrasse
This fish is actually a Sergeant Major, but I call the little one Sergeant Minor. Awfully cute!

Brighteye Chromis.  I see scadzillions of these and love every one.
 Very small Raccoon Butterfly fish. maybe 2 inches long.

Hebrew Cone. It is already starting to get gunk on it...look at the blue at the thick end...
 Find the tiny Humu

Another snowflake.
 Trunk fish female.

Juvenile Rock Mover. They are so like seaweed, it's sometimes difficult to know what they are! They move with the water, too, so it's hard to get a great picture.
Drupe.  I couldn't be sure no one was in there (look at the part missing on the right), so I put it back down. Love that purple. The dotted purple is my dive glove. Actually a gardening glove, but I make do.  Just on the left hand, in case I have to pick up something glass.
 I think this is a Manybar Goatfish. I don't usually see a face.

This little Leaf Fish apparently had done something wrong and was told to go to its room. 
 Juliana's Sea Hare.

The head...same animal as above.

Somebody done lost their mask's glass...bummer
 Bleached coral...also a bummer.
This poor brittle star was exposed when a rock moved surprisingly under my hand.  I had thought it was anchored...sorry little guy!
 My fave Trigger Fish...the Picasso. Love these guys. This one was about 2" also. Running fast, too.

Honu. Just out of the water in the kiddie pond...
This is the glass I picked up today. Oh yeah, and the operculum and shell bits! Another good reason not to walk on the bottom.
Bluefin trevally following a goat fish too close! (Just like those visitors in town for the Marathon...don't get me started...)
Have fun while you're in town! Stay healthy....

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