Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Poor vis, but nice seals!

You know when I take only 28 photos, that the water was junk! But God is good and showed me some seals and box fish and wrasses and a hiding humu!
This humu was already in the hole, which is my way of saying: I didn't scare it! But you can see that once inside, it would be hard to pull this fish out.  Maybe because it knew the seals weren't far away that it hid. Humu are pretty fast so I would be surprised if seals were a major predator for them. But I've been surprised by the sea stuff before....
no octpuses. yes, you know who i'll blame...
Above is the home where I saw the octopus 2 days ago. Maybe I scared him...i hate thinking that!
 Nice male trunk fish scurried away. 
 The Christmas wrasse ran away too, but I don't think I had anything to do with it...I think it just had places to go.  They are fairly fearless...
As were these guys...tummies up!
 Talking to each other.....and yes, there were rip currents, although I don't think these warnings were for the seals.  ha.
and this guy wouldn't get out of the way, so you get part of his arm....damn visitors! :)
And I will end with thanks to God for not bouncing my determined butt all over the wall between the two ponds.  It took me probably 2 minutes to get over the wall to the kiddie pond.  Yeah, the current was pretty strong. But I remembered not to use my arms over my head, so the rotator cuffs are fine..
You can't really tell, but this was the smaller of the 3 seals.  This one was lying and snoozing all on its own. Quite relaxed, apparently.

I have realized that I need to calm down and not get bummed when I don't see an octopus every time. After all, they probably need a break! and if you want to see octo-video, please visit my youtube site: just search for octopigirl7.

And thanks! All praise to God for His provision!

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