Saturday, July 29, 2017

Ah the lovely flowers

Flowers are never my true, first purpose, but I so rarely find octopus when I'm at work or on our walk! ha.

Breadfruit. On our morning walk. I recently cooked some (french fried in coconut oil. Yum) National Tropical Botanical Garden is starting a huge breadfruit project. 
Plumeria and my fave pink flower. Which believe it or not, I don't know the name of...bad, bad octopigirl7!

I got almost all the telephone poles out of this low flying clouds picture of the mountains.

Palms and clouds for my sweetheart.
When I saw these in the community garden, I wondered what the plan was. But I recently saw a Keiki Camp project at the Garden and they used forks to keep dirt from washing away.  Not sure if this is done for the same reason.
 More palms and clouds.

More pink.
 Oh, we suffer so, living on Kauai! HA
 A nice tree at the entrance to our complex. 
 Palms, plumeria, clouds.
 Turtle butt and waves. The pond closest to the turtle is where I swam. The deeper part had the waves blowing up!
 Yes, it was a strong current and still, some people went in...
If you click on this photo, you might be able to see the little hairs of the flower in the center...maybe designed to scrape pollen off a bee so the flower can reproduce? Just sayin' maybe..Enjoy whatever flowers and turtles you may have around YOU!

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