Sunday, July 30, 2017

Go that way if you want to see fish!

As I neared the end of the Sunday dive, a cute little boy swam up to me, tapped me and said "Go that way if you want to see fish!" How adorable. Of course, I'd been seeing fish all along, so it wasn't surprising. But he was so excited.  So I thanked him.  If I told him I was trying to see octopuses, he probably would have followed me, hoping.  Anyway, it was cute.  And I didn't see octopuses anyway.  Two days, no he'e! But as I told God, I enjoy the swim anyway.  I am always a bit disappointed when I don't see octopuses, but I am thankful for the swim.  I did see some cool stuff, so it wasn't like there were no neat things to spot.
Hiding eel.  He's the brown part, inside the hole, wrapped around the rock. No wonder I didn't see any octopuses!!!

Money Cowry. It is SO tempting to pick 'em up! I don't think I have any of these at home.  But I didn't.  I do try to be good.

This is why lots of folks don't see Leaf Fish.  The big rock, at the bottom. You can see it, kinda light green...leaning one "paw" on the rock. They are good at disguise.
Christmas Wrasse.  Just occurred to me that it is brightly colored, but as far as I know, not poisonous.  So I guess that "bright colors" means "leave me alone" isn't always the case.
A friend, in town from North Carolina, said these Rock Mover Wrasse fish look like they have makeup on. HAHAHA. 
I think this is a yellow phase of the Orange Shoulder Surgeon Fish. Correct me if I'm wrong!

This Spanish Dancer might be about to crawl off a cliff. I don't know how their eyesight is, but I hope it doesn't get poked.
 Trunk Fish. Alex and I really love these..

As we do the Lizard fish.
 This neat 4 spot butterfly was about 2 inches long. Awesomely cute!

Can you see the scorpion fish? It has its right fin on the red rock. They, like the Leaf Fish, are really good hiders.
As is this box crab! I would NEVER have spotted it if it hadn't moved.  It's the middle "rock" can see the slightly opened mouth. And 2 eyes just below the mouth in this photo.

Cowry near a drupe.  I don't think either would eat the other..i hope.
 This is the same Cowry that I found yesterday.  In the same general area.

This large Cone shell was in the rocks between the big pond and the little pond.  I spotted it just as I was pulled over into the big pond! So this is the best photo I got, as I couldn't find it again when I fought the current and went back over...nice big cone and definitely filled with the real animal. You can see it near the bottom of the shell, inside.
Today's trash and shell and operculum haul.  Thankfully, I didn't see any yucky trash (paper, old shoes, dental bridge...yes I have found one of those. No lie!)

So no octopuses were spotted, but I have heard that since we have so many seals, turtles and of course, that lifeguard that hunts 'em, I'm not surprised.  Perhaps God will show me some next week. Thanks for the safety, God!
And speaking of God, please pray for my friend with cancer, when you can take a moment. She is having hospice care at home now. 

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