Monday, June 26, 2017

No octopuses, but had a good swim anyway

For some reason, the octopuses are hiding from me....unless it's this guy:

Neither the turtle nor the seal look very energetic or hungry, for that matter, but I do know that seals eat octopuses.  I do hope this isn't a trend. I am jonesing for a glimpse of my fave cephalopods!
Perhaps next weekend.
 A crab was once again hiding in this little shell.
And this triangular shell, Flea Bite Cone, was upside down at first.  Then when I turned it over (carefully by the big bottom part), I discovered it was in fact occupied by the animal that should be in there.  This was by far the largest cone shell I've seen in quite a while. Larger than my hand stretched out..
And as I have announced before, these shells have a poison dart that can hurt animals and people, so best not to touch it.
This poor eel was being chased by a bluefin trevally.  I followed quite a few trevally yesterday, but they all led me to an eel, not an octopus. 
This poor eel had a chunk out of its hide, so not sure how long it will survive.  I also thought it might be cranky, so I swam away.
There were several small Cornet Fish....too cute! These were about as long as a pencil and more thin than one.
And we have the nice Trunk Fish. Scooting away from me..
Found two different types of Scorpion Fish:
Their eyes give them away.  Spotfin Scorpion.
And Devil Scorpion Fish. If you have any trouble spotting it, look for the bit of orange: that's its fin.  The rest is to the left.  The slit near the bottom of the shot is the mouth.
Wow. This disguise was so good, it took me a minute to spot this one in the photo! The mouth is on the right hand side and the eye, just up a bit and to the left.
And Mr. Ugly again...
This blenny was a good hider...look inside the hole, above the shells.  Two little eyes peeking out.
Cute little Hawkfish. Just a sprout! Probably 3 inches long including the tail. 
Christmas Wrasse:

Nice colors and good flexibility.

Money Cowry:
They are so delicate and pretty.
Two eels...I couldn't immediately find the top one's type...possibly a juvenile coloration. The bottom one is the Snowflake Moray. They are all over the reef in Poipu, hiding and sliding from one area to another, in search of food.
Here's hoping and praying for seeing an octopus next weekend! Perhaps they'll be in for the holiday.

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