Sunday, June 18, 2017

Gnarly water...quick post!

The waves and water were even more gnarly today, so I was only in for about an hour... the deeper part was closed due to rips and high tide, so after fighting the waves and the bad vis, I called it a day. The only time in recent memory when I took only 50 photos!
There were seals:

Awww, nose to nose! and the other one was out on the island.  When I popped up again, it was gone. Oops! My friend, it turned out later, was watching my progress and said the seal was in the water when I was. Glad it didn't decide to meet me, as I wouldn't have been it until it was pretty close. That's one problem with bad visibility...
Trunk fish:
Nice male Trunk Fish. You can tell that it wasn't sunny...normally the male's colors of gold and blue would stand out more.

I saw a group of 8 Rock Mover Wrasses. But not all in one shot. Here are 3 of the group:
One on the rock, and one to the left and one below the rock. The rest were further out, where the waves were.  See the poor visibility?

I was able to spot, no, not an octopus, but a Scorpion Fish:
I snapped off 4 quick photos and then noticed a man walking barefoot on the bottom. So by the time I popped up, warned him not to walk in that area, and popped back down, couldn't see the Scorp anymore. They are masters of disguise.
And last of all, a photo of the fishing line that was tangled on some seaweed:
This stuff is really awful: monofilament line.  Once it gets tangled there's just no getting out of it. So I'm glad I was able to pull it out and throw it away. Nasty stuff!
You can see my gear on the ground near: fins, 3 pouches (backup cameras, scissors for cutting line and one pouch for opercula and shells and trash. Of which there was a lot.)
Perhaps next week: North Shore, where in the summer, the water should be more tranquil.
Have a great week.

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