Sunday, October 16, 2016

So many photos!

Well, folks, I took so many photos during my 3 hours of swim yesterday that I was too tired to write this post yesterday!  Yup, 599 photos.  Crazy, right?  But it did make me wish I'd taken just one more, so it could be 600.  HA.

Three octopuses.  Some good reminders of clouds and roses. Even caught some fog on the nearby hills and actual sunset clouds!  Usually, I'm more of a sunrise girl, but sunset is coming earlier now.  I'm looking forward to "winter" too, as the water will calm down even more, so perhaps more pix with less sand in the's hoping.
We start out with the Mystery Octopus, #3
This is, I think, the same octopus that had an amour not too long ago. My mystery starts with the white part near the top of the photo.  At first, I thought she had a plastic piece in there.  But as I looked at the many options of photos to explain the white, it appears to me that she had part of her skin missing...It seems that the white is a part of her body.  I do know that octopuses can regenerate arms, so I assume they can do that with body too.  In any case, I got scadzillions of photos of her.  You can see her eye and siphon (just above the red rock).  And she was in the same rock where I saw her during one of my previous snorkels.  The white is another of those great mysteries!  Because she's not talking...

I saw another scorpion fish, the new kind:

Most of the time, I don't bother with video for these guys...they hardly move.  Ambush predators, indeed.

Caught some rays from God:
I was still driving down to Poipu when the sun arose, but I did manage to catch this one from the beach.  Gotta love it.

See the little box fish, darting away on the left?  And the Saddle Wrasse doing the same thing on the right.  I tell ya, it's chock full of activity.

I was able to visit both ponds yesterday.  It's odd, too, how sometimes I see octopuses in the big pond and sometimes in the small pond.  Yesterday, 3 octopuses in the big pond and none at all in the Kiddie pond.  Strange...
Here the Rock Mover Wrasse appears to almost collide with the Box Fish, but really, they just passed each other.

Octopus #1 had a great parking spot:

You can see its siphon, as it relaxes between the two rocks.  Look really closely and you'll see its eye just above the siphon.  

In the big pond, there are always lots of Hawk Fish of 3 types.  
They all stand guard from above, watching the scene in front and below them.

Pencil urchins:
They look just like fat, red fingers...not so much like pencils.  I don't know if they have poison involved...I shall have to look that up.   

Octopus #2 was showing more skin.  An adult.
It sat there for the longest time.  I was chuffed that it wasn't afraid of me.  I do cast a big shadow.

Before I forget, some shots from the homestead:

This is the fog I mentioned earlier, clinging to the hills just across from our lanai.  And we have palm trees, too. Bonus!

I have learned my lesson on the rose bush nearby: when I see one rose, I take a few pix! Someone, hopefully the owner, takes the flowers soon after they appear, so I always run for the camera when one blooms.

I must admit to being wild for these colors.  What a great Creator God we have! I know He just spoke things into existence, but I can still picture Him saying: ok, with this one, a bit more pink, I think.

As with the fish I photograph, I am just amazed at the shadings of color and the combinations..Incroyable!

OK, that's sunset. And in case you're wondering, there are things under the scene that I didn't want in the photo, so that's why it's posed as it is...things like houses, and fences. 
A friend mentioned that it's hard to get a photo of the Moon.  I agree! I sneak up on it by focusing on the nearby objects and the Moon "just happens" to get included.

But enough with that!  Let's get back underwater.

I started out the post with Octopus #3, safely ensconced in the rock.  Here are some cowry shells that were also hiding:

I am so happy that I found these Cowry Shells. Once I learned that they do this, I look in all kinds of cubby holes and often find them hiding there.  Usually not four of them, though.

Snakeshead Cowry

A pretty green fish.  A wrasse at a guess:

And a crab wandered by....kinda running for the safety under a nearby rock:
See the eyes and the antenna?  This crab didn't like me, perhaps because we share some of the same pink color..No one likes to show up wearing the same dress...

Yeah, the seaweed you might gotta think about where it came from!
Very high in vitamins, though, I'm told...

And we're back at home.  Mind you, these roses are on the same plant.  Mind blowing that they could be on the same one and yet be so different.

Well, breakfast prep is calling. Thanks for reading.

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