Thursday, October 6, 2016

Aloha Handiman

My Poipu pal just told me today about the handicapped handiman who goes all over and says Aloha to everybody. What a great thing!  And so of course, as I was driving back home after swimming today, I saw his truck.  It actually has 2 flags on it and says Aloha Handiman across the front.  How cool is that?! Of course, you'll have to take my word for it, because since I was driving, there are no pix. However, there ARE pix of the 3 octopuses I found today. Eureka!

Octopus #1 was the coolest: just sat in its den and didn't seem to care too much that I was there.  Now THAT's the kind of octopus I like!
Can you spot it?
Just above the red rock, up and a little to the left.  How neat is that?
And since the octopus was so cooperative, here's another photo:

In this one, the octopus is in the lower left...below the red rock.   I just love the natural colors, and the bumps. They can make their skin do that.  

Two cowrie shells: I haven't figured out if they like to hang out together or if there is something else going on..Perhaps connubial bliss?!

Almost forgot the seal.  I saw it out on the little island, accompanied by the fisherman, who was trying to figure out where to throw in his net.  I must admit I didn't watch for very long (and my focus was the seal), but I don't think I saw him throw the net.  I am always of 2 minds about this: it is a valid occupation to fish.  But I feel badly for what gets dragged up in the net:  when you throw it, you don't get to choose what you bring up!  You get whatever comes into the net, which can sometimes be coral.
I enjoy the wave action I caught too.  The man is there and so is the seal.  This seal eventually scoochied toward and into the water, so I talked with the 3 ladies who were swimming in the big kid pond and let them know they might have a visitor, who could possibly bite!  They were thankful and actually got out.  One never knows what a seal will do. They played it safe, not sorry, and I was thankful.

And in the news update category, apparently October is the month that has the most shark attacks in Hawaii.  I kept this in mind this morning and got in later than usual.  According to the news, sharks have their young during this month and that could be why things are a bit different.  I am keeping a watchful eye.  I have seen sharks and have no need to repeat the experience.  You will hear surfers say that if it's a blacktip shark, you don't need to be worried.  I say Nay Nay!  I watch out for all of the little buggahs, because one never can read their minds.  And since they do swim 24/7, they are nothing but muscle and the ability to use it.

OK, warning delivered.  Oh and before I forget, please also stay away from the turtles.  I had a nice talk with the couple who had just taken their pictures with the turtle on the beach.  They were unaware that one is to give them lots of room, and thanked me for the update.  THAT's the kind of visitor I like!

Box fish for sweetie:
It's a male and was being followed by the wrasse.

These fish are very fast and dart around, so I have a hard time catching a photo of them.  Love the colors..

There was also a cornet fish.  Normally since they are silvery, I have a hard time getting a good shot. Not sure the one below can be classified as good, but here you go:
It's the silvery line in the middle....

And as usual, there was also wana (vah-nah):

Another good thing to stay away from. Gee, hope this post doesn't sound too much about what NOT to do, but I want everyone to enjoy their underwater visits and not get hurt.  This guy has long pokey things that can really hurt you.  But I do think they are pretty, for animals of their ilk.

OK, here's tako 2:
I cropped the photo, so you can see the siphon, its eye and the part just inside of the area near the siphon (where they breathe).  Cool, non?!

And might as well show you octopus #3 while I'm thinking of it:

I'll grant you it is harder to spot: find the red rock.  Look up and to the left.  It's there, slid into the gap in the rock.  And was I thanking God for it! Three in one dive is a hallelujah dive for sure.

A drupe shell (the one with the dots):
The light was quite cooperative at this point...
Again, this shell was tucked into the rock, hiding, or resting.  I am guessing...

And because my sweetheart loves palm trees, and honestly I kinda forgot about them today, since I arrived at the pond later, here's the only one I got:

The slight oiliness in the middle was probably water in the was taken while I was in the water.  Since the waves were kicking and it was high tide, I didn't get to take my usual time with the shot...

A nice dive and thankful for it.  Also thankful for a possible good interview for work yesterday.  We'll see!
And thanks for reading..

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