Sunday, October 9, 2016

Mixed wires

Well, today, not much went as planned! The business "15 minute" meeting after church stretched to 45 minutes.  which put me behind on my desire to snorkel.  so i finally got out, got to the car and actually found a parking space when I got there!  wonders will never cease.

However, spoiler alert: there were no octopuses that I was able to spot.  It was from 1 to 3 p.m., so there were more snorkelers in the pond on both sides, so I blame that, rather than my inability to adjust to the afternoon light, as opposed to the morning

I did find something surprising: 5 cowry shells in one coral head!  Unfortunately, they were placed so it was impossible to get them all in the shot, but here are 3:
Again, I had a bit of trouble keeping my shadow out of the photo.  

If I move too much out of the way, I cannot tell where the camera is pointing.  But I enjoyed the show.  The 3rd one is kind of hidden but some white the top.

I enjoyed seeing the Christmas Wrasse:

Again, these colors just blow my socks off!

And this photo made me laugh.  Of course, it's cropped looks as if they are both staring at me:
She said WHAT?!?!?!

Needlefish were plentiful and again staying pretty near the surface, so tough for me to catch on film:

They run in schools and it's so much fun to watch them watching me.  They get to be a decent size (as if a wooden ruler were round..that size) but these were much smaller.  Probably the width of a pencil.

There were a couple of Sea Hares again today; this is one:

I cannot see well enough to tell, but it almost looks as if there's something on the back of this one.  What I don't know would fill several books....

I did see a nice cowry on the sea floor:
I didn't check on whether it was empty.  I know those shells can be re-used, if they are vacated by the original animal....
And the major surprise was the flounder:

Look for the bar of light across the face of the flounder.  It is good camouflage isn't it?

I did take a movie, but the little one stopped moving after an initial sprint across the scene...

And today's box fish:

There were several eels, but this snowflake is the one that was fully out and swimming along.  Well, sneaking, really...

Just searching for a place to hide.  It still amazes me that I'm not grossed out by these animals: snakes, on the other hand do gross me out.  Lots of similarities, but eels definitely win in the cool category.

Colorful, isn't it?  And I didn't see the Drupe Shell until I got it home.....I wish I knew what all this stuff is...but I thought it did make a pretty photo...

Have a great week.. There may be a small hiatus because of sweetheart needing the car this week.  I'll keep you posted....hahaha.

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