Monday, July 10, 2023

Monk Seal snoozes

 I dropped over the berm at the black sand portion of the beach, to pick up a glass bottle. (Spoiler alert: pick up your bottles and cans!) I was surprised to see a large black sand coated mound and wondered what that rock was doing there....but it wasn't a rock! A chunky Monk Seal was snoozing. I backed slowly away, not wanting to disturb it.

It had a bit of green on its face. I was reassured that it was ok, as it lifted its head to see what I was doing.
I could easily have missed seeing it, as it snoozed beyond two rocks.
I love these huge white flowers! (I found one plant with the pink flowers, but they had already gotten tired by the time I discovered them.)
Cactus flower
A small yapper
Throw net fishing. Not my fave, as you drag up everything when you bring the net back in.
Another yapper
Reading the treats box.

I discovered that she really likes ice cubes made with chicken bouillon! Totally took one, went away to eat it, and came back for more. So cute.

Still trying to capture the Moon.

Nice clouds

Clouds sometimes help in catching the shot.
Somebody likes spider man!
Niihau, Lehua and the beach campers.
I picked up a few cans and bottles...probably 2 pounds. Downside: picking them up on the outgoing half of my walk.

Even when it is a partial moon, still comes out round. Obviously, my underwater camera not the best for capturing celestial objects. I try anyway.

Cool Praying Mantis on my car.

Lehua and the leaning tower of plant.
Not sure the plant. I am sure the fruit was quite prickly on the outside.

Two Nene turned into three. 

Heron awaiting fish sighting.

Another one peeking under for fish.

Lantana flowers

Ms. Boxer awaiting action on the street.

Her 90 mph run tired her out!
Moon and clouds
Plumeria blooming.
Nothing but her little tongue hanging out.
We are quite proud of our nephew, on leave from West Point. The weird-o's eyes and t-shirt announce that he speaks fluent sarcasm.
Moon and palm trees

Home fired fireworks.  No illegals.

Moon reflecting off waves.

Sneaky clouds

Pretty tree...the Garden Island 
I get carried away with rainbows, especially those within a cloud.

Hole in the sky

Such majestic clouds
Just barely there

I was intrigued that just part of the cloud let loose its rain.

Niihau on the left and Lehua

I guess I get carried away with clouds too.

Lizard seeking action. 

Did someone say treat?!

I will hope there are no typos...must go for walk! Have a great week. Thanks for taking a peek at my week. Celebrate our country. And the freedoms we have.

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