Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Lovely sunrises and a very cute puppy

 Lovely sunrises. And I was able to once again find the very adorable puppy. She had gone round and round a pole and thus shortened her little leash! I picked her up and put her back around and around to release the length of her lead. And then I was able to pat her tummy, which she showed me joyfully. And no photo! I was walking away before I remembered. Hopefully, I will have another chance to take her portrait.

Sunrise pink

Gallinule. I think a type of moorhen. But don't quote me! I could easily be wrong.
I walked with my friend in Poipu. An hour and a half without sunscreen earned me a sunburn. I didn't realize I would be in time for a walk, so hadn't prepared. But I did learn.

I wish I had orchid skills, as this family has.

Clouds in infinite variations

Look closely: there's a rainbow to the left of the palm tree.

Crown flower. My cacti are doing well in my little home garden. I am enjoying seeing them grow tall. And I only water once a week, so not much bother.

We are expecting thunder and lightning. What else would I have when I need to drive into Lihue to the doctor's office?! Thanks for reading. Hopefully, I will soon have underwater photos again.

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