Sunday, October 16, 2022

A quiet week with rain!

 OK, it was only one day of rain. Well, about a half hour of rain. But it's still all good. And very helpful, unless you are trying to dry your laundry outside! But I was able to do that the next day, so no worries.

The almost full moon around clouds.

The Hawaii state bird: The Nene! (Like John Pinette's comedy: I say nay nay!)

They looked at me like: what's she doing here?
I couldn't get close enough to determine what shorebirds these were...

Hallowe'en lights. Some people really do it up. I can hardly wait for their Christmas lights. Not too far away, either!
Rain offshore
Pretty flowers along the ocean walk.

A cute Chihuahua
Cactus with a mind of its own.

The lizard was not bothered a bit by the short spines.

Chicken mom and her peepers in tow.

White Rumped Shama. I eventually saw two, singing together.

God's rays. 

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