Sunday, September 4, 2022

Still hot, but neck fan helps!

I found a cute neck fan for walking. And just now, thought Why not use it indoors too? Yeeha!

I see a lot more horses on Kauai. It's country! 

Here is the pet pig that keeps company with two small dogs. The Owner says the pig has a temper! (I didn't ask what she does when she's angry..)
God's rays
Palm tree of course.

Amazing clouds over the ocean. I like it because no buildings are in the way.
The most you get is the forbidden isle of Niihau.
You could not pay me enough to climb up a tree to cut palms..

I don't know this plant yet, but it looks almost black in the sun.
Of course, I know pretty Plumeria flowers.
The dog on the left was quite barky.,..the other one said What's the problem?
I love this sign. People here sometimes rebel against a 35 mile per hour speed limit. Why be in a hurry in paradise?
Niihau on the left and Lehua (much smaller) on the right.

I walked up Waimea Canyon Drive. Tripped on a root and went down! A very nice man in a pickup backed up to ask if I was ok. I thanked him for stopping. Very sweet.

Apparently someone likes that JD with honey. Never tried it.

Your basic gorgeous Kauaian lovely scenery.

Heron awaiting food.
This plant really wanted to live.
Cute dog with long hair poor thing. Too hot!

Today's tiny lizard paused until I snapped a photo.
This is one of the dogs that lives with the pig. Barky, though. 
So hot weather, but still such lovely scenery. We have fans. Nothing to complain about!

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