Sunday, June 19, 2022

Waiting for God

 We are awaiting some business decisions, so I am praying for God's wisdom to fall on us! It is difficult to await someone else's timing, but we are hanging in.

These guys looked tough and very barky! They wrestled amongst themselves also. No, no petting here!
This little bad boy gave me an attempted nip! Bad Ollie! I did pull away before he got me. He did look apologetic; I couldn't figure out after all this time why he did that. Perhaps he smelled that Golden Retriever on me and was jealous?
God's rays and palm trees

Such a cute dog. Coton de Tulear.
The moon was amazing, even if the streetlight looked brighter.
Moon barely visible.
Bitter Melon ripe fruit.
Desert rose and an unnamed plant, as so many are.
Very nice dog and quite friendly.
Bulldog. Might have been friendly, but couldn't find out as he was on top of his house's rock wall and out of reach. Probably for the best.

Saffron Finches. Looking for seeds.
Smiling Sheltie!
Crown of Thorns flowers
Two adorable Pomeranians. I had to reassess my pre-conceived notion that all tiny dogs are yappers: these two weren't. Very nice and well behaved.

Pink Plumeria and the yellow/pink combo. I'm in heaven with their scent.

Very friendly Golden Retriever. The color is cream...
The one on the left was friendly and quiet. The one on the right was a yapper, so neither got a pat.

There is a house that has many lovely roses on its grounds. So lovely. And so plentiful that it's a rare day when there are no roses to photograph.

I would have thought the Lilikoi would be tired by now, but they are still being fruitful.
Nice clouds
And a rainbow
The valley had rain, which was good because Chica was very sweaty by the time I got to the top!

More rainbow
The bunny had a Mango, I think.
A bookmark. Once you start looking there are octopuses everywhere.

Tibetan Spaniels. It was a Mom and her 2 sons. Very well mannered.
Pineapples growing in a row.
The kind of bee that sweetheart is not allergic to. 

I am unaccustomed to yellow daisies. Pretty, aren't they?
I apologized to the lady who grows these, as I startled her again with my presence. But she said she is always jumpy and not to worry.

Another very faint rainbow.

The bees had apparently finished their work. None in evidence.

Lantana. This plant amazes me as the flowers are all different.

One of my favorite shades of rose.


And Moon

I love the color of these roses. He has a real talent for growing them.
Amazing clouds
I laughed: he had a frame around his face, as he bounced from one hole in the wall to another.

Annatto flowers and seed pods

She carries around her Frisbee. Doesn't want a game, mind you, but is ready anyway.

I first saw this lizard as a bright spot of orange. From further away, I thought it was a tiny orange flower. But it turned out to be a lizard working to attract a mate. Of course, he stopped flashing his orange when I got closer.
A very adorable Yorkie. I loved the yellow bow. I don't normally like animals adorned, as I think they are pretty enough on their own, but this bow did keep her long hair out of her eyes. She was a bit shy, so no petting for her.

I had a great week walking around. Fewer "new" flowers. I'm trying not to seriously duplicate in my posts.

Have a great week. Pray for your friends and family members! Enjoy Sunday.

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