Sunday, June 12, 2022

Birds are singing

We live in a nice place. A golf course across the street and birds singing in the early morning. But no bird pix...just doggos! and flowers. And rainbows.

Shiba Inu. These dogs are so calm. I'm told they clean themselves rather like a cat. The fur is so thick, but somehow it doesn't upset my allergies.
A group of dogs and people, about to go on a pig hunt. You can't see from this photo (and ha, they are on OinkOink street), but there's a big valley below, after a steep hill.
The cutie: Coton du Tulear. This is the fluffiest and most friendly dog.
It almost looks as if there is rain coming down from the rainbow..

A flock of birds scooting by.

The bees were mad over this flower! I am unsure why, but the rest of the plants were cut down. Maybe they have, as we do, someone allergic to bees.

This is why I call 'em helicopter flowers. Don't they look like helicopter rotors?

Roses. The man who tends this garden has amazing rose growing skills. Definitely lacking in yours truly.

Hole in the sky
The owners put bags around the fruit. An amazingly productive plant.
I got there after the flowers were really blooming. These are the remains.
Somebody pick this pineapple! (I don't go in others' yards.)
The soursop fruit. Looks prickly enough to deter birds. Perhaps.
Early morning clouds and holes in the sky.

Mangoes are really going off right now.
Mr. Bunny was munching.
Plumeria are abundant right now. 
Lizard pausing before running off.
More pineapples requiring munching.
I thought I was going to fall down laughing. But I'm glad the owner is protecting the doggo's feet. Very nice dog, too.
Sterling Silver roses...we had these at our wedding.
Lilikoi still charging ahead.
A bored French Bulldog. He barked, in that sort of snuffling way.

Saffron Finch actually paused before flying off!
The Monarch caterpillars have returned. They get much bigger, after they munch more.

Hibiscus, with sun and shadow.

The seed pod of the Crown Flower, pictured below.

And, miracle of miracles, the dogs didn't bark from their yard.

Another lizard for my hubby.
This cute Lab came out at first with a bone. But then dropped it in order to bark and ask me to come over. No can do!

Crown of Thorns. I hadn't noticed before, but the thorn trails are curved on the branches.
Hole in the sky with God's rays
More pretty roses
Lotus blooms

Palm trees, babe!
He really wanted to come down and be friends.
Hurray! Magnolia tree is starting blooms again.

Ollie was more laid back, since it was so hot.
Another little guy who wanted to play.

A Shiba Inu convention.

The black one; mostly they are tan and white, so this was a nice treat.

A barky Golden Retriever and its neighbor.

A very calm small Golden Retriever. Very well mannered; it sat for my photo.

A Yorkie and a nice white Poodle.

This doodle wanted to jump up on me. The Lab in the background was much calmer. But they both showed me their tongues.
The owner called this one an American Bully...bulldog. Friendly and let me pat his head.

I'm over the fact that I can't have a dog (because of agreement with landlord), but that doesn't stop me from admiring the dogs of others.

Enjoy spring. Summer is right around the corner. It's already hot here in Hawaii. Have a great week. And thanks for viewing.

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