Sunday, May 1, 2022

Sometimes I wish I could have a doggo

 We live in a condo complex. Before we moved in, we agreed not to have pets. Probably a great decision for many reasons, but I see so many cute dogs that sometimes I want one!

Except for the allergic properties. Also, I'm not big on picking up poo....and I am  more prone to bigger dogs, so you know what I mean.

But we won't be getting a dog. I just get to enjoy the ones I see on my walks. Better for everyone, as I have never trained a dog and wouldn't want to mess up in this area. There will be some doggo pix later, but for now, ROSES!

So delicate and pretty, with soft pink here and there.
This is the type of plant I was able to drive into the ground. And not in a good way. Don't know why I failed at growing this one in my own lanai garden.

Two bees, sharing a water lily.

A variation on the plants I see often. 
A nice little squash
Lizard overlooking its domain.
This is the type of cactus I would like to have in my garden.
Another bee at work.
Two poodles. The small type.
Hole in the sky

Desert rose. These are quite prevalent. They come in white, these shades above, and pink.
My favorite Plumeria coloration. They don't have the same smell as the yellow ones.
These two were very energetic: meaning they ran around at the fence line and barked.
A Lab and a Doodle. I think the doodle came from standard poodle stock, as it was larger than most I see.

The bunny came over. Sadly, I had no treats.

A bit of rainbow

I had to laugh: 3 bulldogs and in the background, 2 Chihuahua. Guess which barked more?

Just a bit of Moon.

Clouds going crazy!

Crown of thorns

It took me a few minutes to catch this: Huntahs.  (Hunters)
The lady who grows these let me come into her yard: this Carnation smelled amazing!!!
A bit of rain offshore.

God's Rays with bird.
I am not a big pineapple eater (too acidic), but I do enjoy taking a photo of the little ones especially.
Plumeria at the side of one of my favorite parks (clean bathroom, good views, lots of dog visitors)

More of God's Rays

Crown of Thorns flowers up close.

I think it's a type of Lily. You know not to come to my blog for accurate/complete i.d., don't you?
Orchid, of course, and pretty rose, below.

The owner warned me this dog could snipe at me. I kept clear.
Another shot of the cactus I would like: some call it Hens and Chickens.
Gardenia: pretty with a great smell.

Lantana. I enjoy the differences between blooms, even on the same plant.

I did not test this warning.
The annatto flower and pods.
Blooms from my friend's garden.
The amazing White Rumped Shama!
And then it flicked up its tail, as they are prone to do.

A real lovey dog. Husky. It is amazing that it can get up on this rock wall without injury. It loves a good scratch.

Be careful out there...I have heard there are small craft warnings. And the planets are to align. Doubt I will be able to see that, as it is quite cloudy. In any case, please do have a good week.