Sunday, May 8, 2022

Some dogs are just awesome

The Labrador Retriever who carries her frisbee with her, just in case there's a game.
I can't imagine not liking Corgis. 
And here's Ollie with the blue eyes. Adorable.
And la creme de la creme, the Husky. This dog is so chill. Hard to imagine the dog barking. This is the one that leans on the rock wall. (Another photo later.)

A little Coton de Tulear. Her owner had a cold, so I didn't get to pat this dog. VERY friendly dog, though. They come from Madagascar.
I was surprised to see these bright flowers come out of this succulent. But then I am always astonished by what plants do.
Hibiscus with water droplets
I think Haworthia. The long "sticks" are issuing from the plant. There must be an advantage to having a long sprout.
Lilikoi. My friend on Kauai says there weren't many fruits over there.
More Hibiscus. I love that the inner stalk protrudes from the flower. That way, a bee could still get to it, even when the flower is closed.
Rainbow and Plumeria
This is my favorite color of Plumeria.

Bunny came to see me. This makes the route worthwhile. A big incline!

One of my favorite plants is again blooming.

Bee hard at work.

This orchid is so lovely and big, one can see it from across the street.
A trio of small pineapples.
A nice arrangement of Air plants
The Lion and the Lamb

Water lilies

Orchids. I know where they are, so I check on them with every walk down this street.
More pretty flowers on an Echeverria
and also water droplets
I just noticed that the yellow Plumeria have a pointy flower, whereas the pink have a curved end.
Hens and Chicken cactus. Or so I'm told. This is the one I would like for my garden.

Ah, roses!

Blooms! I can't get closer, as the garden is below and behind a rock wall.

Here's the flower before it opens. Looks like a little package, doesn't it?

Not sure what brand this bird was, but it was clear it was young. Possibly fell from its nest.

I can't get enough of these pretty flowers.

Oddly colored mushrooms. (And no, I didn't touch or pick them.)

Sunflower in the rose garden.

As you  may know, I LOVE capturing flowers with water droplets on the blooms.

Desert Rose. I first saw these on Kauai. They are plentiful here on Oahu.

Crown of Thorns flowers

See the pointy vs. round ends on the blooms?

Interesting clouds

I am hopeful for Magnolia flowers before long.
A little pineapple. Adorable.

Here's the Husky, awaiting visitors.

The ball gown Hibiscus. 
I am unsure what mix this dog is, but his fur sure was soft.

Another faint rainbow.

Holes in the sky

You could see the waves from Aiea! We have had huge surf lately. One of the reasons I haven't been snorkeling.

A more delicate but pretty flower

I don't know the type of succulent, but it was tempting to snatch a small one for my garden. If the owner had been out, I might have done so after asking...

This nice snow dog leaned on the fence for a pat, but I didn't oblige: the German Shepherd was putting up a fuss. I don't mess with the dogs who have the strongest bite!

He couldn't keep quiet, either.

Sometimes they just gotta bark. This brown Lab got the white one going, too.

More mushrooms

The view at the top of my most challenging street.

Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day. Appreciate them all! We love you, Moms!

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