Sunday, November 14, 2021

Are you there?

You may already know, but it is possible to view my blog without signing in. So that makes it difficult to see if anyone is viewing/reading my little photo ops each week. If you do read, please let me know by commenting! Or if you'd prefer not to, I totally understand. Sometimes it feels as if I am writing into the void. However, I am happy to see my pix out there, anyway.

More flowers in the "I really must look those up!" category.
Smiling pumpkins. Leftover from Hallowe'en.

We do get some pretty spectacular cloud action here in Hawaii.

Note the trees. Gives you an idea about how huge those clouds are.

Some folks are really great at growing roses. I do appreciate them. The roses and the people.

Palm trees for my sweetheart.
Pineapples are pretty complicated, when you really look.

The seeds from the Magnolia tree. The red seeds are inside the seed pod (below.)

Crown of Thorns plant.
And water lily
Another chance to appreciate pink!

Looks almost like a fire, doesn't it? Thankful that it isn't..

For some reason, these clouds remind me of Monet paintings.

A new succulent. It will not surprise you to know that I do not know the type, yet.

Seed pods, open and not.

The bunny looked up at me. Isn't he cute? What you can't see is that he was also twinkling his nose.

Jungle fowl.  We do not have as many here on Oahu as they do on Kauai.
God's rays

Hibiscus. Just opening early in the morning.
Cacti still going strong!
The Hibiscus that reminds me of a ballroom dancing dress.

Lilikoi. My friend on Kauai hasn't had this luxury this year. Not sure why they would be so prolific on Oahu.

The sea. After all, we are on an island!

Yay flags for Veteran's Day. We keep ours up all year round.

The White Rumped Shama. Another of the birds (Saffron Finch being the other one) that I hear first. Then after searching, sometimes I can find it.

Two chubby bulldogs. And the chubby Frenchie!

There is just no stopping my happy trigger finger on my camera when these plants are around.

An odd sunrise cloud.

Cactus flower

Orchid. I like to let you know the type of flower on the rare occasions when I know what they are.

We have had exceptional sunrise colors this week.

Palm trees for my sweetie.

Beaucoup seed pods.

The caterpillars were decimating the leaves of the Crown Flower.

Big, bigger and little ones. I enjoy the fact that the caterpillars have antennae on both ends. Perhaps to fool predators.

And the cocoon! I hadn't seen any of these until recently.

Saffron Finch. Its companion had already bolted.

He got neutered. He was feeling a little cranky!

Mongoose (under the car) and a Golden Plover (Kolea). I do not often see mongooses. Hubby calls them mon-rats!

So Thanksgiving is upon us. I decided this year that I didn't want the stress of cooking, so we are ordering our meals from Big City Diner. They have an excellent deal and all we have to do is go pick it up.

Then I discovered that my local grocery Foodland was giving away free turkeys with a coupon, which I just happened to have. So we are having our first Thanksgiving today. I am limiting the stress by making the pie earlier. And today perhaps the store will have fresh cranberries. Hubster will spatchcock the turkey, which helps it cook much faster. A pumpkin cheesecake with pecan crust. Oh the enjoyment! And Brussels Sprouts with fried French onion. Yum. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. There is so much to be thankful for!

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