Sunday, November 7, 2021

All vertigo aside...

 Had a small touch of vertigo last night, so I was moving more slowly today. But still got out in time to spot caterpillars and the Sheltie.

Double rainbow. Wonder why the 2nd one is less vibrant?
A bit of the Moon
Pink is currently my fave. And opening Plumeria of any color, too.

Pink is the bomb!

King of the Hill. And almost dropping off the wall...

Magnolia seeds. I heard it takes 15 years to get flowers! 
One of my few accessions to Hallowe'en: Pumpkins must be smiling.
Pink with sun. If I had to think these flowers up, I don't think I could!

This Frenchie was so cute. He was friendly, too.
Reflected rainbow with photographer.
And the usual kind of rainbows. Although they are NOT really "usual."

Nice colors.

The Poodle was young and a little anxious, so I didn't insist on petting her. Even though they are hypoallergenic.

Hole in the sky.

Lizard strutting his stuff. And then gecko clinging to the screen on our lanai.

God's rays

The caterpillars do a lot of damage to the Crown plant leaves.

The White Rumped Shama, singing early, before full light.

I am trying to have fewer pix in my blog posts, as there has been some trouble with the's hard to choose! Have a great week.

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