Sunday, October 10, 2021

The tradewinds are back!

Very happy to announce that the tradewinds are back! It had been hot and sticky with no wind movements for almost a week, and I was feeling the lack. But glad they are back, as my walks become more pleasant.

It seems that many people in my life are involved with cancer right now: basal cell carcinoma, recovery from breast cancer. If you are having effects from cancer, hang in there! This is not a good time to have cancer, but there are certainly more treatments these days that are not as onerous. I will pray for those who have cancer and who are living with those who have it.

On a lighter note, I have created some new combined dog names. The most funny of which (at least I think so!) is the Mal-Dach-huahua! Yes, I actually heard that the little dog was a combo of Maltese, Dachshund and Chihuahua! It's funnier if you say the names out loud. 

I was complimenting the owner on the lack of barking of her dog, and then he burst into a round of barking! We looked at each other and said "That's the Chihuahua!" Cute dog, though.

Other dog names were Wei-visz (Weimaraner and Viszla mix). And Tib-huahua (Tibetan Spaniel and Chihuahua) I don't understand the use of Chihuahua. But then I'm more of a bigger dog fan. Anyway, here are some other pups I saw on my walks:

The Doberman was relaxed at home. I'm still amazed by his coloration.
A couple of Wire Haired Terriers! Very cute and wanting a pat and a lick. Which I did give them, to a surprising lack of effect. My allergies let me alone for once.

My fave Sheltie

A trio of Dachshunds! So cute.
And a very nice West Highland Terrier. He was quite friendly, too.

And for the Lizard Corner:

Can you see him? He ran from the other side of the tree, so I had to search to find him. He does blend rather well with the bark of the tree, right?
I am not a huge fan of Hallowe'en, but the owner made me laugh with this dino mask, placed over a statue of books in his yard.

Normally they scoot out of the way quickly, but I was able to snap this one before it vanished into the  plants.

Some of these land snails have the shells and some don't. They are def not as pretty as the Nudibranchs I used to see in the water!
Kolea, Golden Plover. I enjoy their stop and start on the grass.
I didn't kill this witch!
And I forgot the pair of Shih Tzu dogs I saw. Very cute and not barky at all. Yay, Good Dogs!
A cactus taller than me.
Yellow Plumeria bud
Hole in the sky
Plumeria bud

I love pink flowers. I'm sure you noted that.
No Magnolia flowers, but the seed pods, if that's what they are, were definitely evident.

Nice stained glass. Isn't it funny how you can walk past something and not see it? I have probably walked right by this stained glass 20 times without really noticing it. Pretty, though.
God's rays

This is the coolest plant. Pretty flowers and very prickly seed pods.

One of the ladies enjoys decorating her garden. Here's part of Hallowe'en.

I was very surprised to see such large mushrooms! They did look like the ones in the store, but my Mycology skills are lacking, so I left them where they were.

Looks like a nice nature painting, doesn't it?
Roses are definitely my favorite flower.

There's a name for oblong clouds, but it escapes me at the moment.

I was definitely treated to cool clouds on this walk. Spent too much time looking up! 

A grey hole in the sky. It did eventually rain.

Isn't this cute? Someone made their mailbox into a VW bus.

Crown of Thorns

All in all, a very nice week for walks. And I also made garlic knots for friends who came over for dinner. Yum. We all ate 'em, so no one was offended by the garlic smell. Since I have to watch my pasta/bread intake, the recipe makes 8, so if we have 2 people over, we each get 2, which is just enough. And I said I would never use math after finishing school!!

Have a great week. Thank you for perusing my pix! May God bless and keep you.

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