Sunday, October 24, 2021

The Title is the hardest part!

Creating the title of my posts is the hardest part! Sometimes I think of a great title on my walk and then by the time I get home, I have forgotten. Spoiler alert: this can happen to you too, as you age. It's like the old "joke" about getting up and going to the kitchen to get something and by the time you get there, you've forgotten what you were going for! It's not a JOKE. 

But I did see cute dogs and pretty flowers. And I am still playing my Name that Mixed Breed game: this week? Shi Tzu Poo or Shi Tzu Hua Hua. Again, it's funnier if you say the names out loud. I heard the mixes of the cute little puppy, but it was spoken by a lady with a very soft voice and Asian accent, so I didn't catch the whole thing. But I did catch that it was part Corgi. Love those dogs.

Oh no! I'm hearing rain. It does alter my walk. Not sure if the bunny will be out.

But he was last week:

Hallowe'en isn't my favorite holiday, but sometimes it does make me laugh.

Bananas grow up.
Bees still working.

Lilikoi getting riper. It's hard not to pick them, as they are outside the fence, but...

This poor slug was def going the wrong way.

This Golden Retriever didn't want me walking outside his yard. I caught him in the middle of a bark.

I read up on how to grown Magnolia trees. The lady on youtube said in 15 years, you'll have a great tree! NOT going to plant something that takes 15 years. I'll just keep taking pix of the existing one.

Here is Ollie. He couldn't decide if watching the dog walking by was better than watching me. The other dog won.

Here is the cute puppy that's at least partly Corgi.

The Moon was full.

Lizard. King of the hill.
This is a pineapple close up.

God's rays

The big cactus plant left its babies in the space where it once was...

Bit of a rainbow

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