Sunday, August 8, 2021

Never write a post when irritated!

Tried to e-sign for upcoming doc visit and 20 minutes later was finished! Had they told me it would take so long, wouldn't have taken this "time saving" effort!

But a lot of nice walks this week, so let's concentrate on the positive, eh?

A surprising Airedale terrier! Never seen one here before.
A very friendly and bouncy Golden Doodle puppy.
And aging but friendly Jack Russell
Our little Farmer's Market

If I bought all the plants I like, we'd be poor!

Peppy and didn't bark!
A Rhodesian Ridgeback/Pitbull mix. Very energetic about being friends with the other dog.

I'm glad someone thought to appreciate medical workers this way!

I've started calling these holes in the sky.
Another Golden Doodle. This one was very shy.

A nice little guy at the park
Our first dog was named Duke.
Shiba Inu turning his head and wearing very cute yellow rain booties.
The rain from a distance
Another hole in the sky
This aged Golden Retriever was unhappy with my presence.

The dog's raincoat matched my safety vest.
A Doberman and a Whippet. I have seen these before and still smile at the combo.

The little guys sometimes make the most noise. This Chihuahua was well behaved, though.


See the lizard?!
Magnolia flower
A very adorable Bichon Frise. I actually patted him with no ill effects.

A white rumped shama on the grass, looking for bugs, I guess.

Crazy green parrots! They are escaped agricultural pests....
This is the Frenchie that I have seen wearing his yellow raincoat. Very cute. 

Enjoy your walks. Thanks to God for His creativity! I pray you all will be safe from covid. 

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