Sunday, August 1, 2021

A nice walk with D and her dog, K!

I don't like the identify people in my posts, other than my hubster, who can handle! So suffice to say I had a nice walk with a nearby lady and her lovely dog. Who tried to chew my shoe laces. hahaha. Way to have fun on Sunday! (I also don't take pix of kids, or adults for that matter. Certainly not without the adult's supervision.)

This is a Cairns Terrier. He is an older dog, and I discovered that he is both blind and deaf! I told the owners that he seemed chipper, though, as his tail was wagging as he strolled around. Good on ya, boy!
Octopus plants. Not sure why they are called that because there are more than 8 pink limbs, but...
The Moon made an appearance. I have yet to see the meteors going on lately. Too many night time clouds. Well that and it's hard to make myself go outside at 2 or 3 a.m.!
One of the plants that bloom in the evening.

I am not sure why, but the "hole in the clouds" image attracts me.

America. Home of the free because of the brave! Thank you for your service.
A Crown Flower variation. Below is its seed pod.

This was a nice Cocker Spaniel. Did you know there's a dog in England called the Sprocker Spaniel? Springer and Cocker mix. It actually smells a certain type of animal poo, so they can tell if the animals are around. I cannot imagine training a dog to smell poo.  But they are talented. This dog, however, was a nice pet, not a working dog.

I laughed out loud: this dog had on a tie! I do wonder what he thought of it.

The seed pod of the Magnolia. Flower pictured below.

Ollie. He was able to sniff my hand this time. He really wants to play, but is behind a solid fence.
One of the very well mannered Shiba Inu on my walk.
Again, I had to burst out laughing. I would never put my dog in a stroller, but I guess I'm unusual.
And Happy Birthday to my niece! She is actually living out of state, so this wasn't her celebratory head piece, but I did think it was cute.

An older pug in a stroller. There was another dog accompanying them, but on a leash outside the stroller. 

Another entry in the "I Really Want to Live" plant category...
I'm thinking a seed pod. It was on a succulent cactus.
This dog barked like crazy about 5 minutes prior to this photo, when he was in his yard. Seemed like a different animal while on his walk.

King of the Hill lizard.

Kalanchoe plant
A lovely Sheltie! with raincoat. That would be a lot of hair to dry off.

A nice man with a big yard gave me a bromeliad. I planted it and hope it lives. 
The bunny with his carrot.

I pictured an alien abduction.
White rumped Shama on his guard post.
Something about being little really makes 'em think they have to yap. Loudly and often.
While its sidekick kept quiet and showed decorum.

I walk on the other side of this street. There are 2 German Shepherds and they take guarding seriously. Very seriously!

This is the Mother of Thousands someone on my walk has. Since it is toxic, I got rid of mine. Didn't want to discourage birds or lizards from visiting.

Another German Shepherd who took guarding seriously.
This was a lovely pet Doberman. The coat on this guy was really well kept up. He seemed like a charmer, but again, I let my allergies rule, and didn't pet him.
Bunny resting after heavy carrot consumption.

I like this cactus with its small flowers.

These 2 Labrador retrievers also took their guard dog status seriously. They never stopped barking, even after I was 2 blocks past their house. That must be a lot to deal with for a homeowner. Perhaps they should have better control over their dogs!

A nice week of dogs and plants. It was getting hot as we move into summertime, but today had nice winds, so not too unbearable. Have a great week!

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