Sunday, February 14, 2021

Today's flowers

 A nice week of walks, mostly without rain. It's funny: California wants rain and we've had an abundance.

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3 Military helicopters. I always pray for their safety.
As I also pray in thanks for the beautiful flowers!

I am starting to see many baby pineapples. They are very adorable! And since I've heard it takes over a year to make a pineapple, I do hope people leave them alone until they mature.

This white Hibiscus reminds me of a filmy ballet dress.
Stay off Pakalana street if you don't want to be barked at! There are 2 amazing German Shepherds who take their jobs seriously. I'm told they are very smart dogs, but they need work on threat assessment skills.
First time spotting these buds on the succulent.

Pretty flowers about to pop out of the bromeliad.

Mr. Bunny was at home this week. He even did a Bunny Hop that I caught on film. If I remember, I'll upload it.

This is the largest bloom on a cactus that I've seen in person.
I love Carnations. They are pretty rare over here, for some reason.

I am unsure if these are the same flowers, but I seem to remember picking this type of flower in my childhood; sweet juice inside. But PLEASE do not depend on my word on this. Childhood was a long time ago and I could easily be wrong.
Clouds and trees

While admiring this orchid, I got a photo closer up: it's made of fabric! Was I surprised!

Doggy wreath

I love seeing the flag. We have a small one on our front door. 

Bee (abeille in French) doing its job.
This was a nice fluffy dog that didn't bark. The Doberman next door wasn't as nice.

God's rays
See why I call it the helicopter weed?!

It would have taken more time than I had to count all the rose blooms on this plant. But I surely did enjoy seeing them. They had a nice fragrance, too.
I have enjoyed this succulent for a long time. Nice thorns. I'll bet they are effective in keeping things out!
Nice white rose from the side. Water drops, too.

Another tiny pineapple.

Finally a lizard!!! It had been a while since I had seen any, so this was a nice treat.

#3 Happy Valentine's Day, babe!

Gosh, I just think these colors are amazing.
As are these:

This moth was taking a rest on the new fence. I at first thought it was a piece of weed thrown up onto the fence.

A new orchid.

Noni. I have heard it has medicinal properties, but that it also tastes bad.

To the left, orchid. Below orchids and Crowns of Thorns
I surprised our lanai gecko by repotting a succulent. Sorry, dude!

Closeup of our orchid
Clyde's roses are amazing.

Two toned rose

I had to smile with these bulldogs. The chubbier one was also lazy, and just stayed near the house. Neither one barked though, so that's all good!

Here's the relaxed bulldog. 

No idea what this orange flower was!

Thanks for viewing the flowers. Take a walk in your neighborhood: who knows what presents you'll find!

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