Sunday, February 7, 2021

I might stay home

 Since I am having some minor health issues, I might stay home from my walk today. Surprising, non?

But here are some pix from recent walks. Oh and by the way: I had hoped to swim today. But I asked God for answers to if; if so, when; and where. So the news told us about flooding (thankfully we didn't have flooding in our neighborhood.); brown water; winds, surf and then box jellies! I think that's a big fat NO to swimming today.

But no matter, with God's help, I will hopefully get into a nice calm ocean someday soon.

So on to the pix:

There is a street in Aiea that has lots of the bromeliad plants along the sidewalk. And since they have a cup of water, they sometimes bloom. Here's the pink inside.

And very nice little orchids.

I don't eat a lot of pineapple, but that doesn't stop me from admiring them, especially this little pinkish one! I hear it takes over a year to grow one.
One of my favorite succulents. Yes, I will look them up. They should have names.

This nice orchid on Hoala street looked like a bird taking off.
More bromeliads, this one has the little purple flower in addition to the pink:

A puzzle we recently completed! I thought the hard part would be the water, but the hard part turned out to be all those buildings. The coastline of Italy. (Coming up: Gustav Klimt's The Kiss. Can't wait!)
Moon in clouds.

'Have I mentioned I love clouds?!

And pink roses
A new mystery flower. Ready for a bee.

The only duck I saw on my walk. I do appreciate people taking the time to make their environments pretty.
The flag, behind a palm tree.

This flower arrangement was near a sign post; it had a letter purporting to be from a dog. Not sure how that's possible, but whimsy lives. Very pretty arrangement. The dog owner was apparently leaving the area and gave doggy treats to passersby.
This water lily is at an odd angle, as I was working to not put the owner's legs in the photo. I did tell her I appreciate the garden...

God was up to his lovely rays shooting out again.
One of the succulents I want to look up.

I KNOW what these flowers are. Lovely ivory roses.

And mailbox joy. I'm glad they didn't take this down just because Christmas is over.
More awesome clouds

A recent rocking rainbow

These roses had such an unusual color pattern. I hope to be able to find them in the spring, when I can actually buy some and hopefully watch them grow. (My record of plant ability is not great.)
Roses from the doggy message bouquet.

A nice pink rose....with one water drop.

Another plant to look up.

Somebody gonna have green papaya salad soon!

A pink octopus. Now I can report an octopus sighting!!

Rain, afar off.

Two Saffron Finches actually stayed on the fence so I could snap their portrait.
Small yellow orchids. The variety of orchids really amazes me.

The water drops are like pearls in the cup of this succulent.

Nice dog. It stayed pretty quiet for quite a while.
White Iris, I think.

And the purple variety
I thought the interior colors and patterns quite pretty. 

Note the orange fruit that had so far escaped predation. I see many of them with huge holes, the birds having feasted on the interior juiciness.
Water droplets on an early morning flower. I wonder if there are more plants that I can't identify than the ones I can?

For all you sports fans out there, please enjoy the S.B. safely...mask up! Do it for you and those around you! May God bless you all.

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