Monday, January 11, 2021

You never know how little you know...

You never know how little you know about your computer until it suddenly stops working!

No warning. No chance to prepare. Just nothing.

Fortunately, I have a husband who is awesome! And if he doesn't know something, he knows someone who does. OOO-RAH!!!

So now, after much work and Amazon purchases, we are back in business. 

Happy New Year!

I was able to use, again thanks to the Hubster, the laptop. And he helped me get my mouse configured for use on the laptop: that scrunch and tap mouse really didn't work for me!

So here's what I saw in the New Year so far:

Kitty didn't even rouse itself to object to me. Progress is being made.

This is the little French Bulldog...without his raincoat and hat. Ha. So adorable. And very low key.
I had seen white and red examples of this, but the yellow was new.

I continue to be a sucker for pink.

And these delicate little flowers. I'm thinking orchid, but it could be a lily. Sorry to be so uninformed.

There was rain, so there was also a rainbow or two.
As well as Lotus. 
I love the drops in the center.
Here I am with my new Tilley hat, raincoat and pink vest! Sadly, a few days after starting to wear the vest, a man in a pickup truck in the Times supermarket parking lot nearly hit me. He had the nerve to wait for me, to let me know that he hadn't seen my "ugly pink vest." You can't fix stupid.

Christmas cactus:

The lady I met over the Santa house has now returned to the "regular" house. She said her husband takes about 200 hours to complete these gems!
With the little pretend Hummingbird. Did you notice we don't have those in Hawaii? They can't store enough energy to make the trip. Unfortunately.

This tree apparently broke during the recent winds and rain:

But the roses were unscathed. Thank God!

Succulents are becoming increasingly interesting.

This is the very cool dog I found....we are now thinking it might be a malamute mix. 
You can't be sure, but he was smiling, not snarling..

I know there must be a Hawaiian name for these stones balancing on each other. But I do not know what it is.

I am proud to say that I finally looked the following plants up: Chiapasia Nelsonii, the rare orchid cactus. The bee was a freebee...ha.

This was an active security-Doberman! I hadn't seen this coloration before. He meant business!

My interest in roses hasn't changed. They're just too beautiful to ignore. And I now am acquainted with the owners of this garden, so I am ok to really take lots of pictures. And to breathe deeply. They mostly all have a wonderful fragrance!

Rather than risk repeating my pix, I will end this post now and go investigate other photos which I haven't yet posted. Please stay safe, calm, relaxed. I am asking God to sort out the things our country is currently going through. It takes a better brain than mine!

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