Monday, January 25, 2021

Getting it together in the rain

Have I mentioned it's amazing to have a husband who can fix computer stuff?!

I am really thankful. We got my photos finally organized. I am glad he knew how, because I was mystified. It was too much of a muchness for me!

So here are the recent pix. Rainbows, clouds, flowers. And a bug or two.

Four choppers is unusual. So I caught them in my pix.

Bromeliad, with flower in the cup.
The cute bunny

I don't see carnations that often here in Hawaii, so it was a treat. Nice scent, too.
Caterpillar eating  leaf.
This was the very nicest chocolate Lab ever! Very well behaved young dog.


I LOVE these purple orchids!

I had to laugh at this mailbox. 

Crown Flower

Nice rose
Election success

Green parrots. They are escaped pets that have proliferated. They are very squawky, too.

When it rains, I usually turn around to find a rainbow smiling at me.

Occasionally I get a present: a double rainbow.

A real goose. It must stay in the yard, because there is no fence.

This succulent catches the raindrops.

This cactus is taller than I am! (so, over 5.4 feet)

Now that I have a good system again for photos, I hope never to repeat! And thanks for reading. Be safe out there! 

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