Sunday, September 20, 2020

Write a post, already!

 By this time on Sunday night, I've usually already written a post and added waaay too many photos. But I'll try to keep it organized.

This was the cutest kitty and it just sat there hoping for food or fun. 

Love the wispy clouds!

 Two Saffron Finches hoping I will go away.

Another mystery flower.

And a mushroom. I didn't even have a spare thought of eating one!
Mexican Poppy and flower

Lamb Chop in jail.
Also, a rocking horse in jail.
Weed behind bars. I may be done with the "in jail" reference...we'll see.
Definitely not done with God's rays!

I visited the local market and found some nice plants to bring home. Here's hoping I can keep them alive.

Another day, another Mexican poppy flower.

Nothing to say really, except LOVELY!

I had to urge this Kolea to get out of the road!

I am constantly amazed at how creative people are:

Another nice week of pretty flowers. I had another offer today to take some roses home, but I told the nice man thanks, but I'd rather see them on the vine!

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